How do I update the Home Facts information on the Property Details page?

The Home Facts section of the Property Details page includes information about a property such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, its square footage, the lot size, the type of construction, the year it was built, its heating and cooling system, and more. This information comes from public records data or, if the house is on the market, listings data.

A user can modify these facts, and arrive at a revised valuation estimate for the property as a result. Simply enter new facts into the cells adjacent to the current facts, then press “Save Changes.” Below the current AVM estimate, you will see an adjusted “Refined Value” price. Here's the Home Facts section that can be changed:



The new estimate is shown after the change:



Please note that only the Home Facts fields for Bedrooms, Baths, Living Area and Year Built will create a Refined Value. Also note that Total Rooms are not counted by RPR, but rather provided via public records and/or the MLS source; RPR displays what it has received.

When making changes to Home Facts or Refined Value, the Total Rooms field must not be less than the sum of Bedrooms and Bathrooms (full). For example, a property with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths cannot be changed to have 3 Total Rooms, unless the number of bedrooms and/or full baths is also decreased.

The revised Home Facts are shown only to the individual user, not other RPR users. If you find a significant public records or listing error, you can call the RPR Customer Support Center at 877-977-7576. Customer Support representatives will be able to correct the error on the RPR website. You can also click the yellow Help button in the bottom left corner of any page in RPR. Please know your help improves accuracy for all users!

RPR also allows the user the opportunity to include additional home facts not included in the standard facts list. To add a feature to the home facts, select the "add new row" option from the bottom of the Home Facts section.

RPR displays “real-time” updates as you make entries in the Home Facts section.

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