Can I insert my own content into reports?


You can insert your own PDF (Portable Document Format) pages into your RPR reports, or include PDFs uploaded by your brokerage. You may want to include a page containing your biography and other professional information for your clients to see in their report, for example. Or if your brokerage publishes specific materials tailored for your organization, like services the brokerage provides to consumers, you can include those branded marketing pieces with your RPR reports.

Get started by loading your custom pages via the report generation page:




To leverage this new feature, brokers can upload up to five customized pages, and control those pages, through a Broker administration panel visible to broker users in the Data Tools area. 



Agents, you can also upload up to five customized PDF files specific to your business. This is an excellent way to showcase testimonials, statistics, and specific marketing tools and methods you employ for your clients. Best of all, you can control which customized documents you want to include with each report you print.



You can easily manage your custom pages with specific names for your customized insertions.



And there’s no problem reordering your customized pages in the preferred order you would like for the pages to display, and whether to display them at the beginning (after the cover page) or end (final page) of the report.



Finally, you will notice the customized page options appear above the report elements for you to easily include or exclude.



Please note that you cannot insert password-protected PDFs into reports.