What are the traffic counts on the map?

RPR has partnered with Kalibrate, the industry’s most up-to-date traffic measurement tool, to provide traffic count data in the RPR website and mobile application. Kalibrate provides users with 24-hour average daily traffic counts for highways and roads throughout the United States. You can quickly find and use traffic data to understand business potential when evaluating commercial properties.

Traffic data will appear in the Commercial Property Report and the Commercial Trade Area Report. From the website Report page, select Traffic Counts under More Details.  From the mobile app, in step 2 of the report creation process, select Yes next to Traffic Counts.


Traffic counts are invoked on website maps using an icon adjacent to Points of Interest. The display of various traffic volume levels may be adjusted, for instance if you want to see data only for locations above or below a threshold. 

The same traffic data provided by Kalibrate also populates in your RPR app, in both commercial and residential modes. From any map, you can click on the traffic count icon to view street-level pins containing the traffic data.



Users can turn on the Traffic Count layers without losing visibility of their search results. Property pins appear behind the traffic pins when applicable and are grayed out.




Depending on the location, you may see 2016 estimated traffic data, average traffic data and historical traffic data going back several years. RPR tries to provide the most relevant and complete information. Kalibrate offers more than 1 million traffic points through its database.

The traffic counts displayed in RPR span 40 categories, including the following:

  • ADT - Average Daily Traffic: Numbers are adjusted for day of the week, not seasonally adjusted.
  • Estimates for Average Daily Traffic: Kalibrate uses historical counts combined with demographic and census data to identify and understand traffic trends for estimates. Estimated counts are displayed by default and actual numbers when estimates are unavailable
  • AADT - Average Annual Daily Traffic: Counts are seasonally adjusted to represent the average day of the year.
  • AWDT - Average Weekday Daily Traffic: Counts are seasonally adjusted to represent the average weekday of the year. Count only represents numbers taken Monday-Friday.

Please note, Kalibrate figures totals by default and actual tallies when estimates are unavailable.