Release Notes: February 2017

v1.57 - RPR website and RPR Mobile™ for iOS/Android tablet and phone

Released February 7, 2017


The latest release of Realtors Property Resource® provides numerous improvements and better performance for residential and commercial users of the website and mobile applications. The first release of 2017 focuses on many enhancements to existing features, like the addition of Under Contract properties to comps search. To learn more about all the new RPR updates and details, continue reading below.

Find Under Contract properties when searching for comps

Residential users have a new option when searching for comparable properties in RPR. You can now include Under Contract properties when performing a search for comps. This feature will assist agents who belong to MLSs that report Under Contract properties in a format different than a pending status. By incorporating this change, RPR ensures each user regardless of the MLS to have the most up to date, and accurate information displayed when performing a CMA (comparative market analysis) for consumers. Find out more from the illustration below:



New options available for property price shown on Property Flyer

An excellent update to RPR is the ability to choose from six pricing options for a Property Flyer. In the past, a Property Flyer would display the offering price for a listed property and an estimated value for an off-market property. With our latest update, you can choose from six different pricing options, and best of all, your flyer will adjust the verbiage to match the selected price option.

The six options available to choose from are:

1. Estimated Value
2. List Price
3. Sold Price
4. Refined Value
5. Comp Analysis Estimate
6. Sales Comp Analysis Estimate


Proximity to subject property displayed on Seller's Report

Agents try to find comps located near their subject property. Now your client or other report recipient can see at a glance the distance between subject and comp. The section of the Seller's Report that shows your selected comps now displays a field for the proximity to subject property. RPR provides the approximate distance between the comp and the property under evaluation during the Comp Analysis workflow, and now this information is shown in the resulting report too. 



Don’t forget, the Comp Analysis tool allows you to distribute your comps in any order you choose. If you prefer to sort your comps by the proximity to the subject property, rearrange them in the tool before you run your Seller's Report.

Improved display for residential lease properties

The RPR team supports your ability to present the best data in the best possible way, and so we have made three changes to the presentation of our residential lease data. 

First, when searching for leased properties, rather than displaying the “for lease amount,” RPR now shows the “leased amount,” when a property is rented. The illustration below provides a good example of the before and after changes for this new feature.


Second, RPR previously presented all information fields, regardless of the available data. Today, any fields without information are hidden. The graphic below shows how nicely this new update looks with a before and after screenshot.


Finally, information which initially showed as a code, e.g. 8MH, is now displayed as the appropriate definition for the code, e.g. Month-to-Month. See graphic below for a before and after the change with this explanation.


See calculation for living area on Property Details page

It’s no secret that different markets use different square footage calculations for living area within a residential dwelling. With our latest update, you can view an informational bubble next to square footage on the Property Details page that shares the details on how the square footage is calculated and what sources were used for the computation.

This enhancement will help you during discussions with clients when discussing the square footage shown within your RPR report. The illustration below provides a visual of how this new feature displays in RPR.



Option to suppress estimated value in Seller's Report

Sometimes you may choose to withhold showing a home’s value in an RPR report. To assist with this choice, the sales charts no longer display the subject home’s value if you choose not to show a value for the property in your Seller's Report. This selection is made when generating a report. The figure below shows the update.



Additional website updates and enhancements

RPR has also removed duplicated property fields, fixed formatting features for reports and branding, and solved browser-specific glitches. As with all of our releases, some key functions have been tuned for performance. 


RPR Mobile™

RPR users who have worked with the Valuate® feature in the website application will be excited to learn that you can use Valuate® from the mobile app! This addition allows users to quickly analyze properties when in the field, right from your mobile app. Just select the Valuate® icon from your mobile app, and you’re ready to use Valuate® on your cell phone or tablet.



Search screen and filters enhanced

We’ve updated the mobile experience to allow for several useful new features. First, when available, for lease properties will display on the home screen. When there are no for lease properties available within your set search parameter, the for lease section is hidden from the home screen display.

Second, you now have the option to set search filters for both for sale and for lease properties. This enhancement can assist you with providing information for particular clients in one search, versus a typical two-search process.



In addition, you have more control over the map features shown on the Property Details screen, allowing you to zoom and pan to discover more about the area where you are performing research for clients. 



Toggle between residential and commercial

We’ve streamlined your ability to toggle between residential and commercial with your mobile app. Now, when navigating into settings, you can easily toggle between residential and commercial from the top of the Settings menu.



Mortgage history data added

With our latest update, you can preview mortgage history when available for properties within the mobile app. By swiping from left to right, you can look at historical mortgage information.



What we’re working on:

And yes, we are always working on new improvements and features to make your RPR experience the best it can be in 2017 and beyond. Here are a few of our upcoming enhancements to look forward to in the coming months:

  • Annual refresh of Esri demographic data for analysis in commercial mode
  • Annual refresh of Hanley Wood home improvement data for Refined Value
  • Improved login and account creation pages
  • Market Activity Search & Report updates
  • DocuSign Integration


  • Open House Search and Details
  • Traffic Counts display refinement
  • Speech Recognition

A PDF version of these Release Notes is attached at the end of this article.

For more detail and support, contact our 24/7 Customer Support Center at 877-977-7576. We also welcome your feedback directly from the RPR website (click the “Live chat” link on any page) or by calling the Customer Support Center.            

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    Amanda N. Rutter

    I Love the prompt responsiveness of mobile RPR app and the 'sales market' info report/feature is client-targeted and attractive.