Release Notes: April 2017

v1.59 - RPR website and RPR Mobile™ for iOS/Android tablet and phone

Released April 18, 2017


We have several new features for you this month, including a redesigned login page with access to timely articles and resources. We've also integrated more listing agent contact information to mirror your MLS data, and expanded the street name search for commercial users to assist with finding more properties. To review all the updates and new improvements, read on.

Website login page redesigned for ease of use

We have updated the login page of the website to provide a wealth of resources with a click of your mouse, all wrapped in a new, responsive design to adapt and match most web browsers.

From the new login page, it's a breeze to quickly move from residential to commercial by choosing your desired mode. Simply toggle between red for commercial and blue for residential. Best of all, RPR will remember your last login and redirect you to the suitable commercial or residential mode based on your previous visit. 

In addition, you have easy access to RPR success stories, e-books, training and more directly from the login page, as shown below.



These improvements make information readily available for you to learn more about RPR and how others are using RPR to grow their real estate businesses in today’s competitive real estate world.

Listing agent contact information expanded in Property Details

You will appreciate our latest update to RPR revolving around the listing agent contact information. This section is now expanded to match all numbers available through the MLS roster, ensuring the information is accurate and up to date. With this new update, RPR is now displaying additional contact information for the listing agent and his or her office. This new change will give you more relevant contact information, saving you valuable time and making you more productive during your workday. See our screenshot of how this new information looks and what’s included.




This information is also expanded in RPR Mobile; read about it in the Mobile section of these Release Notes. 

Open house information standardized

Data can look differently from one MLS vendor to the next, and occasionally this creates confusion when translating and importing into a centralized system such as RPR. To help clarify, RPR created a standardized format for displaying open house information we receive.

With this new release, RPR provides the start and end times for open houses in your local marketplace. We believe this new standardized format will make identifying open houses easier for you when using RPR. The screenshot below shows how the new standard open house format displays on the Property Details page.



Related open house changes for mobile are described later in these Release Notes.

NAR real estate statistics join Economic Area Reports

NAR's quarterly Congressional District Reports on housing trends, used by Government Affairs Directors and Association staff in local and legislative outreach, can now be inserted into RPR's Economic Area Reports, doubling the power of these reports. Staff who access Federal Economic Area Reports in RPR have the option to include the matching NAR-supplied Congressional District Report when generating a report for a congressional district.

This enhancement allows association staff to provide relevant data to members and leaders using one report versus two. As with other user-selected custom report content, you can choose to include or not include Congressional District Reports when generating reports to share with members.




RPR Mobile™

Add open houses to your calendar

When searching for open houses using your mobile app, you can see more details and determine if a future open house is available for a listing, as well as add open houses to the calendar on your mobile device. RPR displays up to eight future open houses for the subject property you are viewing. Just select the "show more times" to preview next scheduled open houses.




As noted above, if available, up to eight future open houses are displayed when selecting the "show more times" link.




You can also easily schedule a reminder into your calendar from within the RPR app when viewing a property with a scheduled open house. By selecting "add to calendar" you can set a reminder for attending this open house. Of course, you can share this open house with others from your office or customers and clients who may have an interest in previewing this property with you. 

Once you choose to add to calendar, you will have some valuable information at your fingertips, as shown below.




Not only is the open house date, time and property address included within your appointment, but we have added a link to the property details, allowing you to view all the property information from within your RPR app, or the Chrome web browser. This latest upgrade will make scheduling and attending open houses a breeze, not to mention the added value of saving time and learning the inventory for your local marketplace!



Icons for open houses and recently leased properties added to legend

We have included new icons for scheduled open houses in your area and recently leased properties. A small square with a highlighted boundary is displayed to help distinguish open houses from other properties. A small purple circle notes recently leased properties on the map. See examples:



Listing agent contact details expanded

As noted earlier in this article, RPR is matching the MLS roster for listing agent and office contact information and details to provide you the most accurate data available. This latest improvement of information is replicated in the mobile app.




Searching by price range enhanced

You can more easily search for higher-end properties ($1 million to $3 million) in smaller increments, e.g. $250,000. This user-requested update will allow you to search for homes in this price category easily by using the slider bars from within your mobile app.



Street search improved in Commercial

Commercial users will be pleased to know you can now search for properties matching the street name, and NOT limiting your search by a boundary. This new improvement will provide you with more data, and properties that may be a good fit for your customer or client. You can see first-hand how useful this update is below by viewing the previous street search versus the new change for commercial users.

Street Name Search - Before - View Based on Boundary


New Updated Street Name Search


What we're working on:

And of course, we have many new features and updates in the works at RPR, including:

  • Improved account creation and password reset functions
  • Market Activity Report and search improvements
  • Mobile: Speech Recognition
  • Property-level energy consumption data
  • Customizable Trade Area Report for commercial users
  • REALTOR teams integration
  • Maps upgrades

A PDF version of these Release Notes is attached at the end of this article.

For more detail and support, contact our 24/7 Customer Support Center at 877-977-7576. We also welcome your feedback directly from the RPR website: Click the “Live chat” link on any page.            


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