Can I search for open houses on the Mobile app (iOS)?

You can plan a Broker Caravan day or your Weekend Open House tour with clients by using the open house feature in your RPR Mobile app. Here’s what you can do with this feature:

  • See a count of open houses in your market on the home screen.




  • See open house information highlighted with properties in your search results.
  • View the next open house date and time on the thumbnail of the property.




  • Set your search filters to show only properties with open houses.
  • Use advanced search filtering to search by the date of any open houses in your area.




When searching for open houses using the mobile app, you can determine if a future open house is available for the listing. RPR displays up to eight future open houses for the subject property you are viewing. Just select the "show more" to preview next scheduled open houses.




You can also easily schedule a reminder into your calendar from the app when viewing a property with a scheduled open house. By selecting "add to calendar," you will be able to set a reminder for attending this open house. Of course, you can share this open house with others from your office, or customers and clients who may have an interest in previewing this property with you.




Once you choose to add to calendar, you will have some valuable information at your fingertips, as shown below.




Not only is the open house date, time and property address included within your appointment, but there's also a link to the Property Details screen for the listing, allowing you to view all the property information from within your app. This makes scheduling and attending open houses a breeze, not to mention the added value of saving time and learning the inventory for your local marketplace!