How do I create notes using the mobile app?

The RPR Mobile app provides a great solution for users to incorporate notes in three different formats: text, photo and audio. To access the various features for adding notes, select the Notes feature from the bottom of the home screen. Property notes are also accessible on the Property Details screen.



Add a Note: You can quickly add a text note by selecting the first option shown below:





Add notes through this feature by typing in text or using voice-to-text built into your mobile device. Voice-to-text notes are handy for capturing critical information when touring properties for buyers or during the pre-listing phase. 

When you add a note you will see the microphone in the lower right of the screen, click and talk; you can always edit once completed.





Add a Photo: By selecting the Add a Photo button, you can use the camera on your cell phone to take photographs of important documents when working in the field. This feature is ideal for capturing copies of surveys, utility bills, deeds and more for the particular parcel of real estate you are showing to clients.  




Add a Memo: When using the Add a Memo feature, the RPR mobile app allows you to dictate and record audio. Consider using this tool for recording room sizes on your next listing, provide details to home features, and of course, remind yourself of marketing ideas or other to-dos for the property you have available on your RPR app.




Include or Exclude in Reports: Once you have created notes for a particular property, you have the ability to either include or exclude the notes with any report you generate for the property. If you prefer to omit the note, photo or memo simply uncheck the box next to the "include in reports" option.




Keep in mind that all notes created with the RPR mobile app sync with the RPR website application, allowing you to access your records from your cell phone, desktop computer or laptop.

Don't forget, you can access any notes you have created for specific properties from your RPR app by selecting the Notes icon from the home screen.