Release Notes: June 2017

v1.61 - RPR website and RPR Mobile™ for iOS/Android tablet and phone

Released June 27 and July 5, 2017


We're certain you will love the latest RPR release, which includes a brand-new energy consumption data set from one of the leaders in this field, Tendril. You'll see property-level energy data and scores in the website and your reports. And we did not stop there. With this latest update you will experience new Google maps, updated Comp Analysis and Sales Comp Analysis enhancements, easier-to-read charts, and better classification of resort properties. To find out more about our June 2017 release, please continue reading below: 

Check out property-level energy consumption data

RPR is excited to announce the addition of energy consumption data for you to use when evaluating residential properties. RPR partnered with Tendril, the leading provider of property-level energy consumption data and scores, so RPR users will have access to this valuable information to share with consumers and clients.

Accessing the new data is quick and easy. Just look on the Property Details page, and by expanding the Housing Energy Consumption tab, you will have access to the energy consumption details for the property.




The Home Energy Consumption section provides some great information for your clients including:

  • Average Monthly Costs
  • Energy Score
  • Local Average Cost and Score
  • Consumption Breakdown
    • Lighting
    • Kitchen
    • Electronics
    • Water Heating
    • Heating
    • Laundry
    • Other

Best of all, you get an easy-to-digest information subject property energy score and comparison to the local average. This data will help buyers and sellers see how a property performs and scores with energy consumption compared to other homes in the marketplace.





You'll find the same energy data set in the RPR Mobile apps. Expand the drop-down arrow to discover and share energy facts and details with consumers when you are in the field.




And yes, RPR provides this valuable information on your Property and Seller's reports, helping you look professional on your next listing or buyers presentation.




All website and mobile maps are now Google

We converted all our website and mobile base maps from Bing to Google, the authority in mapping technology. Users will love Google’s frequent updates to map imagery, as well as the new look and feel. The maps are shown in search, Property Details pages and reports. With this change, all RPR’s mapping functions (besides any native mobile maps) are implemented with Google.




Account creation process is further streamlined

Tell your colleagues who don't yet have an RPR account: We made major improvements in our last release to streamline our account creation process. And in this release, we made a couple more.

  • Better handling of invalid or inactive NRDS accounts. A valid NRDS account is necessary to open an RPR account. Messaging has been added to inform an NAR member if his or her NRDS number is inactive or invalid. Once the issue is resolved, the account can be created.
  • A prompt for the NAR member to confirm his or her email address when changing it, for instance when a member has a different preferred email address and wants to use it as the login. This enhancement prevents user error and creates an account with an undesired email address.




And don't forget our 24/7, 365 days a year friendly support staff in Omaha, Nebraska. You can chat or call our support team at (877) 977-7576 if you need help getting started with RPR. 

With charts refresh, trend lines are easier on the eyes

A small change, but a huge benefit and improvement with our latest release is the refresh of various charts in residential and commercial modes. This update includes easier-to-read trend lines as well as graphs with adjusted colors. What's more, additional chart enhancements are coming next month. You'll love this new improvement and appreciate RPR's attention to detail in making the system one of the best real estate data portals in the business!

Before and after comparisons: 


Comp Analysis and Sales Comp Analysis access your comps work

When you build a Comp Analysis or Sales Comp Analysis for a property, you look for comps to support your analysis and yield the most accurate, market-aware pricing for the property. We’re pleased to announce that in addition to the existing options to apply a comp's recent sale price, estimated value or refined value in the workflow, you can now pick its Comp Analysis or Sales Comp Analysis price, when you have previously generated one for the comp.  

So the next time you access a previous comparable you have already worked on in RPR, you can include your work with just a click of your mouse. It's fast, easy and a real time-saver when preparing your next CMA from within RPR.




Public Records: Land use mapping for resorts

Public Records Land Use mapping has been updated to accommodate resort properties (in residential mode) and Farm/Ranch (in commercial mode). This development effort exposes all land on commercial searches and resorts on residential searches!

Broker Tools: Extended support for customized PDF pages

RPR understands the importance of branding to your company, and that's why our latest update provides brand administrators the ability to upload customized branded pages (up to five PDFs) for your organization, for insertion into RPR reports. These customized pages appear as "optional" for your agents to include when they create their RPR reports.




RPR Mobile Features:

3D Touch for iOS 10 and Above and Android 7.1

Users with newer iOS and Android operating systems that incorporate 3D Touch will love our new addition. You can now initiate a long hold on the RPR app on your device's home screen and have the following shortcuts available from a pop-up window:

  • This property
  • My listings
  • Recent reports
  • Saved searches




Search for My Listings and schools

You requested, and we listened. Now you can access your listings and search for schools from the RPR mobile application. School searches will help you become more productive in the field when using your RPR app and researching information for consumers.




What we're working on:

And of course, we have many new features and updates in the works at RPR, including:

  • Mobile comp analysis
  • Commercial tenant data
  • User notifications
  • APN, Tax ID and owner name search enhancements
  • Traffic count updates
  • Mobile speech recognition
  • Customizable Commercial Trade Area Report 

A PDF version of these Release Notes is attached at the end of this article.

For more detail and support, contact our 24/7 Customer Support Center at 877-977-7576. We also welcome your feedback directly from the RPR website: Click the “Live Chat” link on any page.

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