Can I create a Comp Analysis in the mobile app?

You can build a Comp Analysis in the mobile app using a workflow similar to the website feature. Get started by selecting the Create Comp Analysis button below the map in a Property Details screen, as shown. 




With four steps start to finish, the entire Comp Analysis workflow is quick and easy for you to use when you're in the field and need to perform analysis for a customer or client.

Step One - Confirm the key facts for the subject property, then initiate a search for nearby comps by selecting the "Next" button in the top left corner.




Step Two - Select up to six comparable properties you want to include with your analysis.




Step Three - Verify the comparable properties chosen.




Step Four - Finalize your comp analysis by editing your suggested price and price range and choose the method of delivery of a Seller's Report containing your analysis.




Please note, the search criteria for Comp Analysis matches the default rules from the comps search used in the website application, as well as the elements that are included in the Seller's Report.