Release Notes: September 2017

v1.64 - RPR website and RPR Mobile™ for iOS/Android tablet and phone

Released September 12, 2017


Welcome to the latest RPR release, full of excellent additions—such as new traffic data, tracking of reports opened by your clients, and a better Comp Analysis experience in the mobile app—to make your daily real estate life a little easier. To find out more about our September 2017 release, read on:


RPR Website

Traffic Counts and Points of Interest updated

Let’s begin our latest Release Notes with the newly updated Traffic Counts shown on maps in Commercial mode. This data update for 2017 provides you with more than 11,000 new traffic numbers provided by our data partner Kalibrate, bringing the total data collection to more than 3 million! This feature allows you to fulfill your clients' need to understand the traffic patterns around a particular property within your marketplace.  

And our updates don't stop with Traffic Counts. The September release provides you with a refreshed set of more than 13 million points of interests (POIs). Whether you are researching neighborhood amenities or particular POIs, you can easily display this data for consumers in both residential and commercial modes.




POIs contain a wealth of facts, figures and other useful information about businesses in a market. Not only do the POIs provide the business type and name, but additional information about the companies are displayed as you drill down to discover more. For example, learn about the number of employees, sales volume, size and age of the business, sourced from U.S. Census and InfoUSA data via Esri.




Commercial updates for custom Trade Area Reports, mortgage data and distressed details

Commercial practitioners, you will also love the ability to select multiple geographies for custom Trade Area Reports in our latest release. Along with this update, we’re featuring streamlined drawing tools on all maps, commercial as well as residential.




For example, by selecting custom areas, RPR will provide you with select multiple geographies available to search (census block groups, ZIP codes, cities and more).

To accomplish this, draw your custom area, name it, then select save. You can now use your new detailed area and create a custom Trade Area Report for this area.




You can create custom trade areas for drive time and radius (5 miles and 15 minutes). 




Commercial users can also access mortgage and distressed information on Property Details pages and in reports. This information helps you evaluate investment properties based on loan-to-value ratio. RPR provides the contract date, loan type, borrower name, interest rate and more (where available). Distressed data sourced from public records is shown too.






Better tracking for reports sent to clients

When you send a report to a consumer, RPR tracks and displays when the recipient views the report. The notification shows the user’s most recent opening of your report, so you know when your customer read the information you provided them from RPR.




If you have not used one of RPR's recent additions, the Tendril energy data, you are missing out on a great feature to share with consumers. However, we realize that not everyone may want to include such data within your RPR reports. Therefore, with this new update, you can suppress the home energy data if you prefer to leave this information off the consumer’s report.




And a favorite new feature in this update is the addition of the report cover in the email notifications we send to your consumer. This shows the user a glimpse of the report type shared with them, and helps encourage your customer to open and view your email.



Enhanced charts to help you understand your marketplace better

In this latest release, we have adjusted a few of the tables displayed on the Property Details page to help you determine more accurately what is selling in your marketplace. The Homes Sold charts have been enhanced to include additional ranges that break down the price point market movement so you can understand your marketplace fully.

Of course, this refined statistical data will help you to create the correct market strategy and marketing plan for your property under evaluation.






Radius map search defines size of area

If you create polygon searches within your geographic farm area or marketplace, you will love the new feature added to the drawing tool. When you draw a polygon search, we include the size of the search for your area. This feature helps you understand the size of the farm or search area you are prospecting for business.



RPR Mobile™

Comp Analysis enhanced with better map search

In our latest release, we’ve provided you with several enhancements when you use Comp Analysis on your tablet or mobile phone. You can incorporate interactive maps, search filters, zooming and pinching, and much more.




You can use multiple search features when preparing a Comp Analysis, as shown below:




And finally, sort the comps in the order of preference when finalizing your Comp Analysis, as detailed from the illustration below:




Comp Analysis is even easier to use and see on your tablet app, giving you all of the same exciting features as noted above. 




Sold information relocated on Property Details screen

The mobile listing view has been enhanced to give you more needed information when looking at a property’s detail section for sold properties. This information is located more strategically for you without scrolling to the bottom of the screen. Residential user's view:




Mortgage and distressed data shown on commercial Property Details screen

Commercial users have new updates for mortgage records and distressed information, as shown below:




And as noted earlier in this article, a property's energy consumption data can also be suppressed from reports through the mobile app. If you prefer to omit the energy details from a report generated from your mobile phone, it's easy to turn off and exclude from your reports.




As a real estate professional, the new mobile tools and updates will provide you the ability to work in the field with consumers providing an unmatched professionalism right from your mobile device.


What we’re working on

And of course, we have many new features and updates in the works at RPR, including:

  • Tenant information for commercial buildings
  • Functional tools for Under Contract properties
  • Public records and assessment codes updates
  • Market Activity Report enhancements
  • User notifications for key events, like changes to saved properties
  • APN and Tax ID search enhancements
  • Speech recognition in mobile app

If you want more help finding or using anything in RPR, please visit the training section of our blog, where we have registration for upcoming webinars and on-demand learning opportunities.

A PDF version of these Release Notes is attached at the end of this article.

For more detail and support, contact our 24/7 Customer Support Center at 877-977-7576 or use the yellow "Help" and "Live Chat" buttons on any page of the website. 




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