Release Notes: November 2017

v1.66 - RPR website and RPR Mobile™ for iOS/Android tablet and phone

Released November 28, 2017


RPR has added new features to assist you in producing high-quality, accurate reports for your clients and other activities. In this release, we have updated Commercial tenant reporting, map searches, and the display of comp prices in the Seller's Report. The mobile app has several enhancements to the display of estimated value information, map pins and Home Facts, along with a new voice-to-text feature.


RPR Website

Tenant data reports added to Commercial

In our previous release, we began displaying tenant information on the Property Details page for commercial buildings. RPR teamed up with SMR Research, a provider of commercial tenant data, to display more than seven million tenant facts nationwide. Now, in our new release, you can generate a stand-alone PDF report or include the tenant data in Commercial Property Reports.

The new reporting options allow users to communicate a building’s rental potential or the occupancy to back the property’s value. You can also edit tenant data and add tenants that are not listed, and your changes will be shown in your reports. 

Tenant data for a commercial property is displayed on the Property Details page as shown below; from here, users can:

  • Edit any of the tenants shown
  • Add another tenant
  • Print a report of the tenant information



You can print or email the report using the "Print list of tenants" link, shown above. The report, shown below, includes a photo of the building, a map and the tenant information. Red text indicates information that you have entered or edited.




The tenant data, which is updated quarterly, is also available as a section in the Commercial Property Report and can be included or not simply by selecting the element in the report details list. 



Custom area map searches save time and effort

Searching using custom map areas just got easier! The latest map toolbar enhancement allows you to search using custom areas from all map screens. Time-saving functionality allows you to expand or narrow your map areas on searches without having to redraw the shape and edit a search area once it has been drawn.



You have always been able to search custom areas; however, a frustration had been that the search didn't allow you to add criteria. With this release, you can select a custom area and then add criteria to the search using the basic parameters of Price Range, Beds and Baths, or the Advanced Search; once the criteria have been added, just click the search icon to execute the search.



When searching for properties using the map a user can now access their custom areas.



Your custom areas are displayed, and once selected you can search that specific geography directly from the map view. This time-saving feature allows you the flexibility of searching large geographic areas and then narrowing the search to known areas without starting the process over.



There's one more enhancement to searching by geographies or shapes: the ability to edit the shape before searching. In the past if you drew a shape you would have to start over if the shape was not inclusive of a boundary. That hurdle is now eliminated, and you can edit a shape before starting the search. These changes are available in both Residential and Commercial modes.


Seller’s Report: Refined display of comps price

In a recent enhancement to Comp Analysis and Sales Comp Analysis, you were offered the ability to select previously saved comp analyses as the price source for the comps you selected. The option gave you greater control over an already powerful CMA. This functionality is particularly useful when using active listings in an analysis or sold properties that have had concessions that dramatically affected the price.

This release focused on the Seller’s Report component that delivers the source price selected in the Comp Analysis process on your report.



The Seller's Report labels the source of the price listed for the comp. Sources can be Public Records, List Price or Analysis Value. The Analysis Value can be used for any property type and is especially useful for scenarios where the price may not reflect the value based on concessions or inclusions, or your market knowledge.


RPR Mobile™

Change in estimated value shown on Property Details 

The recent changes in a property's RVM® or AVM estimated value are now shown on all residential properties, so you can understand the shift in value over time right on your mobile device. The Property Details screen shows the change as a one-month amount and a 12-month percent. Don’t forget, you can subscribe to mobile notifications on your saved properties, so you are always in the know when a change occurs.



Improved context for Home Facts 

The display of a property's Home Facts has been updated to display by default the public records information on off-market properties, listing data for on-market properties, and “your changes” on properties where the user has updated the Home Facts. You can always toggle between the different views on your mobile device to see another set of facts.



Voice-to-text option available for property notes

Voice-to-text is now available on property notes. Users can capture critical information when touring properties for buyers or during the pre-listing phase using this new feature. Note: Property notes are accessible on Property Details or by clicking on the “recent” icon located on the home screen.



When you view a property on your mobile device you can access the notes from the Recent Activity from the home screen or from the property itself by clicking the notes button at the bottom of the screen. Either way, after you access the notes for a property you can enter notes by typing or using the voice-to-text feature embedded in your mobile device. Notes can be added to the reports you send to your clients by checking the box “Include in reports.” These notes will also appear when you use the RPR website.

Imagine the amount of time you can save, and miscommunication you can avoid, by taking notes on a property while your clients are there with you.


What we're working on

And of course we have many new features and updates in the works at RPR, including:

  • Commercial Trade Area Report improvements
  • Demographic and point of interest (POI) data refresh
  • Under Contract property search
  • Market Activity Report snapshot enhancements
  • Email notifications for changes to your properties
  • Mobile: Comp Analysis improvements
  • Mobile: Commercial tenant report

If you want more help finding or using anything in RPR, please visit the training section of our blog, where we have registration for upcoming webinars and on-demand learning opportunities.

A PDF version of these Release Notes is attached at the end of this article.

For more detail and support, contact our 24/7 Customer Support Center at 877-977-7576 or use the yellow "Help" and "Live Chat" buttons on any page of the website. 

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