Can my MLS or Broker co-brand with RPR?

Last Update: February 6, 2014

MLSs and Brokers can co-brand with RPR. Co-branding integrates the MLS's or Broker's identity with the RPR website. 

If your MLS or Broker has branded with RPR, you will see your MLS or Broker logo when you use the RPR website or generate reports. A user may be part of more than one MLS or Broker with a co-brand, in which case the user can move back and forth between the co-brands. To change co-brands, go to your Profile page and change the MLS or Broker that is shown as preferred, press the Save button and then refresh to update the page.

To create a customized co-brand, an MLS works with their RPR Support Representative. This can be done as part of the RPR implementation process or afterward. The MLS provides a logo and any links that are desired for the footer of the website. The logo works best if it is horizontal and measures a minimum of 400 pixels by 100 pixels. Allow one week to create a co-brand. This can be done as part of the RPR implementation process or afterward. An interested Broker works with RPR's Broker Services Team to implement branding. who handles that MLS or Broker. 

The co-brand accommodates "deep linking," which allows an MLS to link directly to a "deep" interior page of RPR. For example: a link on an MLS listing input form that takes the user to an RPR public records page so the agent can grab useful information for the listing. Or: a link to an RPR report generation page for the property. Branding and "deep linking" also work with Single Sign-On, or SSO, which allows MLS users to login to RPR seamlessly, without entering their RPR credentials, when they are already authenticated with the MLS.