Which features can I try in RPR without listings data?

Welcome to RPR! You have created an account, but one or more of the MLSs or CIEs you belong to isn’t currently participating, so you don’t have access to listings. Now what to do? We have some suggestions for features to use until your MLS or CIE gets on board with RPR.

First, create your profile. Your profile allows you to customize reports that can be shared with clients and to update your MLS memberships to ensure that you can access all of the data you will be able to use here. Click the gear/cog icon in the top right corner of the page or click on your name in the website header to create your profile. Add your personal photo and logo, update your MLS or CIE information, and check your contact information.



Next, run a search and review the public records and history of properties in your area, or nationwide. You can view a property’s sales history and changes in ownership. RPR displays a complete sales history plus historical ownership information for many of the 150 million properties in our database. An easily interpreted historical graphic layers several years of transaction and financing activity, assessment information, default recordings, and other relevant facts about a property — it’s unique in the industry. You can also review a property’s estimated value and use your own knowledge to modify facts about a property and evaluate its condition. Your changes will be recorded and saved for you to use later on throughout the site.



Display a heat map. RPR’s map layers present real estate trends visually. In the Map view on a Property Details or Search Results page, you can turn on various heat map layers: median estimated value, flood data, the age or density of the housing in the area, and more. These map layers are designed to give you a market picture in a visually compelling way.



Build a report for a property. Share the details about a property and a neighborhood with your clients in a customized Property Report, branded with the contact information, photo and logo from your profile. You’ll find insightful charts, maps, historical and mortgage information, and more.





Research a neighborhood. If you’re a buyer’s agent, you can help a client find a great location using our neighborhood information. RPR collects and integrates neighborhood demographics, housing facts, economic trends and quality-of-life data, so you can search any neighborhood and find a wealth of information to help your client. Run a Neighborhood Report and share the result with your client.



Try RPR Commercial. You can use the Commercial service to research a business trade area in the same way you might review a neighborhood. In addition to facts about the area, you will find in-depth information about the demographics and “psychographics,” including marketing information and buying patterns. If you’re working with a business client, you will want to generate a Commercial Trade Area Report to share in a presentation.



We hope you will enjoy and benefit from the many features of RPR that you can use without your listings data. Of course we know that you’re probably eager to see that as well, so get involved and contact your MLS to let them know about your interest in working with your listings in RPR.


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    Scott Schereschewsky

    Created a profile, now what? Can't seem to get anywhere except to help. How do I test what's available? Now I can't seem to find access to my profile either. Navigating the website is not very intuitive and several of the links come back with "oops"

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    Janine Sieja - Product Mgt

    Hi Scott. If you'd like some additional assistance getting started with RPR -- searching, running reports, etc. -- you can sign up for a training session here: http://blog.narrpr.com/training/

    If you think there's a technical problem with using your account, please call our Help Desk, 877-977-7576. They can take a look at the specifics of your account to see if there's an issue blocking you from using the features described in this article. I see that your MLS is not a partner with RPR, so your access to listings and related information will be limited.

    Hope this helps!