Release Notes v1.2

Release Notes

RPR v1.2

Released November 4, 2010

Realtors Property Resource™ v1.2 builds on the mapping and searching features introduced in v1.1. These Release Notes describe the new features, functionality and enhancements in the v1.2 release. For more detail and support, please review the articles in the RPR Help Desk ( or contact Customer Care at 877-977-7576.

 Version 1.2 includes these new or enhanced features:

  • A redesigned homepage. To clarify the distinction between signing up for an RPR account versus signing in after an account has been created, we completely redesigned the homepage to make both options clearer to users. We’ve also posted on the homepage an interactive map showing which markets are signed up for RPR and which have launched.



  • New map searching functionality. The map search tool that RPR launched in v1.1 is greatly expanded in the current release. Click on the “Map View” tab at the top of any page of search results and open the menu on the left side: You will see new navigation that allows you to turn neighborhood, town, city, and ZIP code boundaries on and off, as well as points of interest such as hospitals, schools, banks and retail locations. Geographic areas can be selected individually or in groups for search, using the menu at the top of the map. 



  • Saved searches. You can now nickname and save your searches, so all the work you put into tweaking your map searches and drawings never needs to be done over again. The option to save a search will appear each time you create a drawing on the map, or you can click the “Save Search” button above the map. Saved searches can be retrieved in a list from the homepage, and will appear in the search box as you type when you perform a search.
  • Flood zone data. In the left-hand maps control, you can turn on FEMA flood map overlays, in addition to the various heat maps that were previously available. Flood overlays are available at every zoom level on the map, and are generated real-time from the latest available data. (Behind all the new map features is the Microsoft Silverlight maps API. iPad and iPhone users take note: While Silverlight is not banished from your devices like Flash, RPR will detect your browser and serve you the “classic” Microsoft AJAX maps API, which provides many of the same features.)



  • Schools data. Information on nearby schools is now available from every property and neighborhood details page, linking to a School Details Page that includes student demographics, test scores, school ratings, and parent and teacher reviews. The School Details pages in turn link to listings that have been assigned to them, and vice versa: Whenever there is school information provided in a listing, it will be linked to the correct school page. 



  • Realtors Valuation Model™ (RVM). The v1.2 release introduces the Realtors Valuation Model™ (RVM) to the site, in markets where it is available. The RVM is an automated valuation that uses licensed listing data to help produce an estimate. RPR has been testing the RVM with a third party that benchmarks AVMs for major banks, servicers and federal government agencies, and we are quite pleased with the initial results. The RVM outperforms all 20 of the leading AVMs in repetitive testing against samples of nearly 100,000 appraisals from different markets. The RVM has very high quality standards, and will not display on all properties. You will note the difference in how automated values are labeled on the site. Any property that cannot be qualified for the RVM will have a standard AVM estimate associated with it, and will be indentified as such. And RVMs will only display within our licensed listing footprint, which will continue to grow as new MLS organizations come on board.
  • Live Chat. You can communicate with customer service representatives in our support center in Chicago by clicking the “Live Chat” button at the bottom of every page of the site. Our support team works 24/7, every day of the year, and is available by phone and email in addition to live chat.




We have implemented about 70 bug fixes and enhancements based on information from our issue tracking system, many generated as a result of user feedback.  


Known Issues

Some users in certain markets have noticed that certain recent sales, default and rescission notices, and data from other recorded documents, have been lagging. We are aware of this issue and are correcting it. We appreciate your patience while we complete the necessary updates.


What’s Coming

The v1.3 release of RPR will include:

  • Tools for brokers
  • Schools search
  • A tips feature that will guide users while they are on the website

We welcome your feedback directly from the RPR website (see the Talk to Us link on the homepage), via the Help Desk or by calling Customer Care at 877-977-7576.

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