Release Notes v1.6


Release Notes
RPR v1.6
Released June 29, 2011

Realtors Property Resource™ v1.6 includes enhancements to the Search component and a variety of behind-the-scenes upgrades to help end users on the site now and in the future. Many of the improvements are not visible in the user interface but support a better user experience, or they pave the way for forthcoming development that will be very impactful for users. These Release Notes describe the new features, functionality and enhancements in the v1.6 release. For more detail about RPR, and for support, please review the articles here in the RPR Help Desk or contact Customer Care at 877-977-7576.

Search enhancements have been implemented from the RPR homepage all the way through to the map search and Reports. Some of the noteworthy improvements to the Search process for locating properties in RPR include the ability to search by multiple APNs at the same time and improvements to searches for Off Market properties. The Search improvements in the version 1.6 release focus, in general, on unifying the framework that underlies the search process across the many categories of properties, such as Distressed, Recently Sold and Off Market.

Responding to user feedback, the RPR product and development teams also addressed several other aspects of the site. With this release, it's now easier for a user to generate a new password. Users are no longer required to include a number and an uppercase letter in passwords. In addition, users will receive a helpful warning if they attempt to change their Agent ID to an invalid number. To improve security, users can have only one login at a time, meaning that a user logged in on a Web browser cannot also be logged in to RPR on a mobile device.

With this release, agents can set up an assistant account in RPR, with the same permissions as the agent's own account and linked to the agent's account, which will allow an agent's assistant to search RPR, generate reports and perform any other task on RPR on the agent's behalf. The assistant account is created from My Profile. Look for this section near the bottom of the page:



Follow the link "Create New Assistant User," and then enter the requested information to create the assistant's account:



Version 1.6 also includes these changes:

  • Any MLS can add customized copyright information to the footer of RPR Reports, which will appear on reports generated by any member of that MLS.
  • Agents will find that very rectangular logos can now be accommodated on the cover of RPR Reports.
  • Standardization of off-market data and improved management of countywide APN changes.



We addressed nearly 70 enhancement requests suggested by users, including some relating to how messages and logos are displayed on the RPR report covers. We are always interested in hearing your suggestions for future enhancements to RPR.


What's Coming

The v1.7 release of RPR, coming later in summer 2011, is scheduled to include:

  • Enhancements to the functionality and the appearance of the Property, Seller's and Market Activity reports.
  • Continued improvements to search functionality.

We welcome your feedback directly from the RPR website (click the Talk to Us link on any page), via the Help Desk or by calling Customer Care at 877-977-7576. 

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