Release Notes v1.7

Release Notes
RPR v1.7
Released August 9, 2011


The latest website release from Realtors Property Resource™, version 1.7, is consistent with the previous release in that it includes many back-end enhancements to help users on the site now and in the future. Many of the improvements are not visible in the user interface but support a better user experience, or they pave the way for forthcoming development that will be very impactful for users. These Release Notes describe the new features, functionality and enhancements in the v1.7 release. For more detail about RPR, and for support, please review the articles here in the RPR Help Desk or contact Customer Care at 877-977-7576.

RPR v1.7 includes Search enhancements that will yield more consistent and accurate results, in the homepage Search as well as For Sale and All Properties searches, and improve the performance of searches for Distressed and Recently Sold properties.

In addition, in today’s release we have made a larger map available from the Property Details page. Users can click a link to enlarge the map, which then provides a view of the neighborhood surrounding the subject property. Users can add various heat-map overlays. Users can see, for instance, the estimated home value per square foot in the neighborhood.






The release also includes updated ZIP code and school district boundary data. These datasets have been updated with the most current data (July 2011) available from Maponics, an RPR data partner. Maponics is a leading provider of postal code boundary, neighborhood boundary and U.S. Census boundary data.

Maponics is also building out two additional datasets:

  • Neighborhoods - 21,244 additional neighborhood boundaries are incorporated with this release.
  • School boundaries - 28,817 additional school boundaries are incorporated with this release.

Nationwide coverage is not yet available, but new boundaries are added quarterly.

In addition, 4,504 additional U.S. Census-designated place boundaries are available with our latest U.S. Census Boundaries data update. Use the “View Geographies” option in map search to explore new or updated boundaries in your area.

Version 1.7 also includes these changes:

  • The Property and Seller’s Reports no longer display the listing agent’s contact information. The reports show the contact information for the agent generating the report exclusively. This change was requested by many RPR users.
  • All three report types (Property, Seller’s, Market Activity) have enhanced charts and generation controls.
  • A Public Record flag now highlights off-market properties on the relevant Search maps.
  • An updated control has been installed for the Bing maps that are used on the website.
  • Range pricing is now supported in RPR in the markets where properties can be listed by range. The Property Details page for properties priced in a range shows the range in lieu of a single list price.


We addressed some 30 enhancement requests suggested by users. We are always interested in hearing your suggestions for future enhancements to RPR.


What’s Coming

The v1.8 release of RPR, coming in early fall 2011, is scheduled to include these new features:

  • Single Property Save. RPR will be adding the ability for users to save a single property to return to on future visits to RPR.
  • Multiple Co-Brands. RPR will support multiple co-brands that brokers can use for different audiences.

We welcome your feedback directly from the RPR website (click the Talk to Us link on any page), via the Help Desk or by calling Customer Care at 877-977-7576.

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