Release Notes version 1.10

Release Notes
RPR v1.10
Released November 3, 2011


In version 1.10 of the Realtors Property Resource®, new visitors to the website will find a clearer and easier path to creating an account. Users can also try out an analytical tool for evaluating property on behalf of real estate investors. These Release Notes describe the new features, functionality and enhancements in the v1.10 release. For more detail and support, please review the articles here in the RPR Knowledge Base or contact Customer Care at 877-977-7576.

These Release Notes are also attached as a PDF file.


Version 1.10 includes these new or enhanced features:

  • Clearer and easier new signup wizard. The process for creating a user account on RPR is simpler with a new signup wizard. The differentiation between signing in (as an existing user) and signing up (as a new user) is clarified, with a direct path from home page to a six-step wizard that assists first-time users with creating their RPR account. As before, prospective users need their NRDS number and Agent ID (from their MLS) in order to establish an RPR account.




  • Analysis tool for investors. The tool, called eRealAnalyzer™, helps real estate investors assess a subject property. RPR has partnered with eRealInvestor™ to provide this financial analysis software, for free, to our users. The tool is linked from the Property Details page and provides investors a straightforward way to analyze a subject property, using prepopulated data from the property listing. You can verify and modify the input assumptions to identify whether the property is a good investment opportunity for various purchase scenarios. Learn more in this Help Desk article.




  • Updated data and new data source for neighborhood charts. The data seen in RPR’s neighborhood charts has been updated with more recent U.S. Census data and is provided by a new source, 3DL, which already provides some of RPR’s other data. Each chart also now provides additional information about the data source and the update frequency for the data shown in the chart.



  • FEMA flood code data. In response to user requests, we have added each property’s FEMA flood code to the Property Details page. The code appears as an entry in a new Flood Zone entry in the Location Details section. Hover over the nearby blue info button to learn what the FEMA code means. (Flood zone data for an area is also available via a heat map layer that can be overlaid on the map shown in a Search Results or a Property Details page.)
  • Performance enhancements. With each release, RPR works to accelerate the search process on the website and to eliminate bottlenecks by making improvements to the background technology that powers RPR. Version 1.10 includes such enhancements.


Version 1.10 also includes these changes:

  • The removal of Lease listings, which negatively impacted sort functions and some charts because their “price” is a monthly cost rather than a sale price. Lease listings were often duplicates of for-sale property listings, which will not be affected by the change.
  • The restriction of assistant accounts for agents in MLS organizations that do not desire that functionality.
  • Multiple data updates that will be live in the system before the NAR meeting in November.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

RPR addressed 46 bug fixes and enhancement requests, including many suggested by users. We are always interested in hearing your suggestions for future enhancements to RPR.


What’s Coming

 The v1.11 release of RPR, coming in December 2011, is scheduled to include new features such as:

  • More and Better Reports. Look for more report types, e.g. Neighborhood Reports, as well as slimmed-down options of existing reports.

We welcome your feedback directly from the RPR website (click the Talk to Us link on any page), via the Help Desk or by calling Customer Care at 877-977-7576.

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  • Avatar
    Thomas Wissel

    Even with the change to the new vendor 3DL for neighborhood mapping, their sources have no correlation to what is used in the local vernacular or what is set out in legal standards for age restricted communities. Is there a method or person to make the corrections?

  • Avatar
    Janine Sieja - Product Mgt

    Thomas, our work to improve the data for neighborhoods and searches is ongoing. We hope that some of these improvements are evident to you. Most recently, we have added Search support for additional city names, whether or not they have a boundary available from the U.S. Census. Please do let us know if you find specific situations where we can improve. You can use the "Log a Bug" link directly from the page of concern.