Release Notes version 1.13

Release Notes

RPR v1.13
Released May 5, 2012

Realtors Property Resource® has unleashed version 1.13 with some nifty enhancements:

Manage your reports.

Our entirely new reports generation page makes it easier for you to choose the report elements you want to include and to see the progress of your report. You have much finer control over what appears—or does not appear—in every report type. It’s also easier to reuse and access your most popular reports.




We reorganized the Property and Seller’s reports and enhanced your ability to turn on or off more sections of each report to suit your audience. You also can more easily customize your report covers using controls on the same page. Explore the new functionality by visiting the Reports tab—with each report type, open the “More Detail” link to see sample pages and definitions of the many report sections. Or learn more in this Knowledge Base article about producing reports:

After you request a report, you will see a popup window showing an estimate of how long the report will take to generate. New in this release, you will also know what number your report is in queue.

The reports you have requested appear in a linked list on the Reports generation page. They are yellow while generating, blue after they have successfully generated and red if they fail. If you click on the plus sign shown with each report in the list, you can choose from several options to manage your reports:

  • Rerun the same report or download the report
  • Resend a report
  • Delete a report

We added new content to the Property Report: school facts and reviews for properties where schools are available in the MLS record.

And while we don’t want to bore you with the technical details, it’s worth mentioning that we migrated our Reports production to an entirely new platform, one that will make it easier for us to bring you whole new report types and controls. Stay tuned!

Search on the map.

Searching for properties using our maps no longer requires the Silverlight plug-in, and there are new indicators to overlay on the map. Try the Year Built layer to see the age of the housing stock in an area. The variety of data layers available to superimpose on the map—along with a new gray background option—will help users deepen their knowledge of the housing in an area.




The most exciting additions to the map search function are the options to search by drive time or distance. For example, you can choose a point on the map and then see all the properties for sale that are within a 15-minute drive of that location. These new features allow you to more readily identify properties that meet clients’ needs.

You will notice that the map search controls have changed somewhat because the technology no longer relies on Silverlight, which was a problem for some browsers and tablet users. Take a moment to try out the new controls, or read more about how to search on the map: [add URL here]. You may also notice that the POIs are no longer available. Let us know if these are integral to your work.

Control your search results.

You have new options to control the search results for an area, both in the list view and the map view. We wanted to make it simpler for users to search by geography and see all search results, or to search based on the area shown on a map. This is an extension of the “show more results” link that appears next to the map. The new functionality is especially useful for users in rural areas.

You’ll also notice that our homepage has turned a neutral gray, but once you sign in, you’ll see the familiar blue homepage. This change reflects that we’ve released a beta commercial resource. All RPR users will arrive at the gray homepage and then move to the blue (residential) or a red (commercial) environment. Our commercial beta users will be testing out the new service over the next few months, and we’ll tell you more about it soon.

For more detail and support, please review the articles here in the RPR Knowledge Base or contact the Help Desk at 877-977-7576. We welcome your feedback directly from the RPR website (use the "Log a Bug" link or our Live Chat), or by calling the Help Desk.

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