Release Notes version 1.14

Release Notes
RPR v1.14
Released June 27, 2012

Realtors Property Resource focused on improvements to our popular Reports in version 1.14. You asked, and we created.

(These Release Notes are also attached as a PDF file. See end of this article.)

1) A brand-new Neighborhood Report

The Neighborhood Report summarizes the neighborhood data that you find on the Neighborhood Details page for an area, including charts and statistics about the housing, people, economics and quality of life of the neighborhood.




Examples of the information included in the Neighborhood Report:

  • Median estimated home value and change in the past year, for the neighborhood as well as the surrounding area.
  • Median sales price compared to sales volume.
  • The price range and price per square foot of homes sold in the area.
  • Demographic information about the population of the area, including age ranges of the residents.
  • The area’s unemployment rate and the occupations of residents.
  • Average commute time for residents of the area.




As with RPR’s other reports, you can customize the elements you want to include in your Neighborhood Report. The housing, people, economics and quality of life data are all controlled separately. You can generate a Neighborhood Report for any standard geography such as a neighborhood, ZIP, city or county.


2) A custom area Market Activity Report

No longer are you restricted to existing geographies when you need to generate a Market Activity Report. Now you can create a report for any of your custom areas that you draw and save. Your customized Market Activity Report will contain all the elements of a standard report, but for the area you define.

To run the custom area market report, create a custom area using the search tools or choose one from your Quick Searches dropdown. Use a custom area, not a saved search.




Now, go to the Reports tab and select the Market Activity report. If you were viewing the search results for your custom area before you navigated to the Reports tab, the name of your custom area will populate in the location field. If not, you can type in the area name or begin doing so and then choose it from the autosuggestion list.




After you have entered your custom area name, press the yellow Submit button and then run your report, choosing from the options for property and status types. When you generate the Market Activity Report, your custom area name will appear on the cover.


3) Refine Value detailed in the Property Report

A new breakout section in the Property Report displays the changes an agent made on the Property Details page to arrive at a Refined Value for a property. Although the report previously showed a subject property’s Refined Value (unless the agent chose not to include it in the report), now all the detail—changes based on home improvements, market conditions, home facts and comps—used to arrive at the Refined Value are also displayed.




Remember, if you don’t want your modifications to be shared with your client, simply deselect the Refined Value component of the report before you generate it.


4) Your license number displayed on report covers

Some states require an agent’s license number to appear on materials like RPR’s reports. To make it easier for users to comply with this requirement, we added a section to the Profile page where you can store your state license number. The section is below your MLS information.

If your state license number is saved in your Profile page, it will appear on the cover with your contact information when you generate a report for a street address or geography in your state. Your license number will not appear on reports for addresses or geographies in other states.


5) Editable seller proceeds in the Seller’s Report

The last page in the Seller’s Report, called Seller’s Proceeds, can be used by an agent to show an owner the estimated proceeds from the sale of a home. With this release, the fields on this page can be edited in Adobe Reader to display your estimations of the seller’s proceeds when you print a report.

Follow these steps for a report with pre-printed seller proceeds:

  • Save the PDF locally
  • Open in Adobe Reader
  • Enter the values in the fields
  • Open the “Sign” menu by choosing Sign from the View menu
  • Click “Done Signing,” which will prompt you to save the document
  • Print the saved PDF


Other improvements

Our Market Activity, Property and Seller’s reports now contain heat maps—data like estimated home value shown for an area—like the maps displayed on the website. You’ll also notice that school district boundaries are back for searching. Thanks for your patience as we reworked them. In addition, our plat maps, linked from the Property Details page, are clearer and better looking. When we don’t have a plat map, you won’t encounter a dead-end link, either. All told, we made more than 85 enhancements in this release.

Our commercial beta users have begun testing the new service, which was also expanded in the new release, and we’ll tell you more about it soon.

For more detail and support, please review the articles here in the RPR Knowledge Base or contact the Help Desk at 877-977-7576. We welcome your feedback directly from the RPR website (click the “Talk to Us” link on any page) or by calling the Help Desk.

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