Release Notes version 1.19

Release Notes
RPR v1.19
Released December 3, 2012

We have spruced up the Realtors Property Resource website with a number of improvements to our core functions. A few of the enhancements available now in version 1.19 are listed here. If you want more help finding or using anything in RPR, please visit

1) Recently Sold status

In response to user requests, RPR has changed the duration of Recently Sold status from three months to nine months. Properties will be identified as Recently Sold, and labeled as such, if they have been sold at any time during the preceding nine months. This change better reflects market conditions and will make it easier for users to find Recently Sold properties to use as comps, especially users in smaller or more rural markets.

Recently Sold properties are indicated with a green flag and display a sold date. After the nine-month period, they are labeled as Off Market. 



2) Best Businesses Report

In the commercial version of RPR, users can generate a report version on the analysis showing which types of businesses are best for a particular area. To create the report, first run the market analysis called “What’s the best retail business for a location?” When you view your results, you will have the option to run a report, or you can navigate to the Reports tab and generate the report.



3) FDIC-owned properties for sale

Residential and commercial properties owned by the FDIC are identified in RPR. These properties are labeled, have additional contact information for agents, and a list of FDIC-owned properties is available on both the Residential and Commercial sites.




The FDIC has a streamlined process for selling inventory and works only with REALTORS, offering attractive financing options to buyers from non-profit and public agencies. For more information and background about the program and RPR’s involvement, visit our blog:

4) Warning when removing comps

We heard from users who have accidentally deleted comps from RPR’s new Comp Analysis tool without really meaning too, so we added a warning before a comp is deleted.

5) Silverlight no longer required

You no longer need to have the Microsoft plugin called Silverlight loaded on your computer to view a property’s Sales and Financing Activity chart on the Property Details page. This detailed chart of a property’s history previously relied on Silverlight for its interactive display. The change will be especially helpful for users with iPads, which are incompatible with Silverlight. As a result, Silverlight is now no longer required to use any aspect of the RPR website.


Other improvements

In this release, a number of issues related to sorting and filtering by commercial property type were resolved.  In addition, the collection of data displayed in residential and commercial reports is more robust. Comp list prices, list dates and statuses are more complete and accurate in the Seller’s Report, as are new listings and price changes in the Market Activity Report. Property facts and listing data are improved in the Commercial Property Report.


Coming soon

RPR plans to release another version of the application before year-end, including additional enhancements and bug fixes. In early 2013, RPR will be releasing a toolset especially for REALTOR® Appraisers.

For more detail and support, please review the articles here in the RPR Knowledge Base or contact the Help Desk at 877-977-7576. We welcome your feedback directly from the RPR website (click the “Talk to Us” link on any page) or by calling the Help Desk.

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