Release Notes version 1.21

Release Notes
RPR v1.21
Released March 26, 2013

Version 1.21 of the Realtors Property Resource® website includes a variety of enhancements—as well as behind-the-scenes work on a new tool for REALTOR® Appraisers (see “Coming Soon,” below)—in addition to an updated homepage and a new look for reports. If you want more help finding or using anything in RPR, please visit

In addition, you can take advantage of an NAR all-member webinar on Thursday, March 28. The webinar will show how to use RPR to search for distressed properties, including Fannie Mae properties, and how RPR’s home improvement tool can help you show clients exactly how their past and future improvements can add value. Register for the webinar here:


1) New homepage

In time for spring, the RPR homepage has a new look and feel. The clean design makes it easy to login, sign up for an account or find news and information.




2) New look for reports

A number of users told us that the dark blue (residential) and dark red (commercial) headers on RPR’s reports were hard on printer cartridges. And so we have redesigned the reports to make them easier on your printer—and your wallet—with the same great content.

Note that this change applies only to users whose MLS or brokerage company are not offering branded versions of RPR. If your reports display your MLS or company logo, you will still see the colored headers, as we work to convert these branded versions of the reports.



Other improvements

In addition to site enhancements and revisions, RPR now contains a great deal of updated data, especially the property data that powers our comparison charts and details about properties. We have made some enhancements to our data processing software that reduce the time it takes to get data from the source to the RPR site for you. You may notice that RPR now displays new data in the Charts tab for Property Details pages and across Neighborhood Details pages.




You can learn more about Known Issues (current and resolved) in this Knowledge Base forum:


Coming soon

RPR is preparing a new toolset for REALTOR® Appraisers. You will hear more about this feature with the next release, later this spring.

For more detail and support, please review the articles here in the RPR Knowledge Base or contact the Help Desk at 877-977-7576. We welcome your feedback directly from the RPR website (click the “Talk to Us” link on any page) or by calling the Help Desk.

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