Release Notes: January 2015

Release Notes

     RPR (website) v1.36
     iOS (mobile) v1.3.1
     Android (mobile) v1.06
     Released January 20, 2015

RPR has been hard at work on our latest release, from updated charts in our Seller's Report to customizable photos on the report covers. 

Let’s take a closer look at these changes.


RPR Residential and RPR Mobile

Customizable Report Cover Photo

Using the RPR Residential website or mobile app, you can upload your own photos to the Property Details page. You can upload multiple photos at once, creating a group of photos by date/time that later can be expanded, or deleted. Once your photos are uploaded, you can select one to appear as the cover photo on your reports by choosing "Edit," using the radio button on the image, and "Update." You can easily choose a different photo later if you wish.

You can include the rest of your uploaded photos in the “Property Photos” page of the report, but only one can be selected for the cover. To learn more, check out our quick how-to video.

Add_photos.JPG     Add_photos1.JPG     Add_photos2.JPG

New Charts in the Seller’s Report

Two new charts have been added to the Seller’s Report that replace the “Change in Price Compared with Days in System” chart. “Listing Price vs. Sales Price” displays the average percentage difference between the listing and selling price, compared by the length of time properties were for sale in that market. It also displays the number of properties that sold within specified time frames.

The second chart, “Average Price Adjustments,” displays the average percentage adjustment from the original list price, compared by the length of time properties have been for sale in that market. It also displays the number of price adjustments that took place within specified time frames. These charts are in the “Market Health Charts and Comparisons” section of the Seller’s Report.

New_charts2.JPG     New_charts.JPG

Mobile vs. Website Activity

The homepage on RPR’s website has been updated to reflect where your recent activity took place. When you view a property, perform a search, and/or run a report using the website or the mobile app, it is reflected on the RPR homepage. The recent activity displays an icon reflecting if the search was done on the RPR website (looks like a monitor) or on RPR Mobile™ (looks like a phone). As searches and reports are rerun, the icon will reflect the most recent activity.



RPR Residential and Commercial Website

High School Attendance Zones

For those times when you’re working with families with older children, RPR has added High School Attendance Zones to the “Use a Geography” drop-down in Search for Comps. Users can now search for comps within a high school’s attendance boundaries as defined by Maponics.


Drive Time is Back!

RPR’s Drive Time search has been restored and is ready for you to impress those commuting and other clients who are concerned about drive time.

Enhanced Search Filters

When looking for smaller properties, you can filter your search results to only see properties with <1,000 square feet of living area.

In addition, a custom date range can now be entered in a search for sold properties in both RPR Residential and RPR Commercial. This feature works like the date range in Comps Search.


RPR Commercial Only

Adding Property Facts

You can add facts to commercial Property Details pages that RPR does not already display. This includes any “standard fact” that might not be displayed because RPR didn’t have Listing or Public Records data, and also any unique or custom fact that the user would like to include about the property. You can select “Add another row” to add more facts, and choose from a drop down of choices or enter a custom property fact.


Land Tenure Added

Land Tenure is now visible within RPR Commercial. Under the financing section, Leasehold or Fee Simple is reflected in markets where we receive the data.
Financing Information has been added to For Sale/For Lease properties.


Association Dashboard

Market Data Report

Association dashboards and Market Data Reports can be set up to display only data for the association’s immediate area, rather than the whole MLS, so Association staff can focus on the metrics most important to their market. For example, if Metro East Association covers a subset of Metropolitan MLS, the Association will only see data from the counties they cover, rather than the entire MLS.



Broker Tools Set

Broker AVM Widget

The broker AVM Widget configurations have been updated so a broker could choose just to show a value (RPR’s Broker AVM), without any other HTML wrapping the Widget. The broker can then build their own “wrapper” around the value.


Coming Soon:

Here is a sneak peek at what we are up to now:

  • Property Flyer: a one-page flyer showcasing the key facts about a property, with photos chosen by the user
  • Walkability Scores added to Property Details pages, Neighborhood Details pages and the Neighborhood Report
  • School Reports
  • Residential "For Lease" Search
  • RPR Mobile for tablets


If you want more help finding or using anything in RPR, please visit, where we have webinars you can register for, and on-demand learning you can take advantage of.

And in case you want a list of these enhancements to review later, a PDF version of these Release Notes is attached at the end of this article.

For more detail and support, contact our 24/7 Help Desk at 877-977-7576. We also welcome your feedback directly from the RPR website (click the “Live chat” link on any page) or by calling the Help Desk.

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