Realtors Valuation Model® (RVM®)

In some markets, RPR displays Realtors Valuation Model® (RVM®) property estimates in addition to or instead of Automated Valuation Model (AVM) estimates. RVMs are similar to AVMs but also factor in MLS listing, sales and off-market data to yield a more accurate home valuation.

RVMs are displayed for a property only if criteria for an accurate result are fulfilled, such as having a minimum of two comps from active or inactive listings to help calculate the estimate. Off-market properties may also be used in the calculation.

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    Greg Wyatt

    What screen do I go to in order to start a rpr report?

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    Lisa Weidenfeller

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for posting this question! You can run a report directly from the Reports generation page. Click on the Reports tab, located in the upper right of any page of the website.

    If you would like to include a Comp Analysis in your report begin on your homepage. Select All Properties above the search bar, enter the subject property address in the search bar, then click the search button. This will take you to the Property Details page where you can create a Comp Analysis, refine the value, upload a photo, add notes, and/or update the property facts. Click the Create a Report button when you are ready to create the report.

    Once on the Reports generation page, be sure to customize your report by clicking "More Details" next to the report name. This will allow you to choose the content that you would like to appear in your report.

    You may enjoy visiting our blog to view our on-demand video tutorials. Go to, then click on Training.

    Feel free to contact us iIf you need further assistance at (877) 977-7576 or click on the Live Chat button.

    Thank you for using RPR!

    Edited by Lisa Weidenfeller