Distressed property abbreviations

The following abbreviations are commonly used on the Property Details page in reference to the status of distressed properties:

CN: Rescind NF/NS updated with Sale Information (Cancelled)

CP: Foreclosure Certificate of Purchase/Certificate of Foreclosure Recorded

CS: PreForeclosure Order Rescheduling Foreclosure Sale Date

JF: PreForeclosure Foreclosure Judgment Entered

ND: PreForeclosure Notice of Default

NF: PreForeclosure Foreclosure Complaint Filed

NL: PreForeclosure Notice of Lis Pendens

NR: Rescind Notice of Rescission

NS: PreForeclosure Notice of Sale/NF updated with NOS Information

NT: PreForeclosure Notice of Trustee Sale

OD: Rescind Order of Dismissal/Cancellation/Release of Lis Pendens

RD: PreForeclosure Re-recorded Notice of Default

RL: PreForeclosure Re-recorded Notice of Lis Pendens

RO: PreForeclosure Re-Recorded Order of Dismissal

RR: Rescind Re-Recorded Notice of Rescission

RS: PreForeclosure NF/NS updated with Sale Information (Rescheduled)

RT: PreForeclosure Re-recorded Notice of Trustee's Sale

SD: Rescind Sold/Sr Lien Sale Held

SR: PreForeclosure Re-recorded Notice of Sale