Why isn’t my MLS or CIE displaying in the "MLS or CIE Info" dropdown menu?

When you create your account using the sign-up wizard, or when you update your account on the Profile page, you will be asked to populate your MLS or CIE in the "MLS or CIE Info" section. First, enter a state using a dropdown menu, and then choose your organization from another dropdown menu. Occasionally an MLS or CIE is missing from the list because the MLS or CIE has changed names, we are unaware of the MLS or CIE, or for another reason.

When this happens, you have two options. You can choose "Other" at the bottom of the dropdown, and RPR will follow up with you to make a correction, or you can call Customer Support at 877-977-7576 for assistance. If you choose "Other," you will have limited data access until your organization can be added or corrected.

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