Why do I receive an “Agent ID is invalid” message?

The “Agent ID is invalid” message is displayed when a user inputs the wrong ID for an MLS or CIE in the sign-up wizard or on the Profile tab. If you receive this message, review the organization you have selected from the dropdown to ensure that it is correct. Also verify that you have entered the ID correctly. In most MLSs and CIEs, your Agent ID is a different number from your NRDS ID.

We ask you to enter your Agent ID even for an organization that does not currently partner with RPR so that if that organization's listings data become available in the future, you will have immediate access.

If you are sure you have entered your Agent ID and organization correctly, but you still see an "Agent ID is invalid" message, please call the Customer Support at 877-977-7576 for further assistance.


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    ronda seanez

    Where do I find the agent ID # is it my NERDS or License #

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    Janine Sieja - Product Mgt

    Ronda, in most MLSs, your Agent ID is a different number from your NRDS ID. If you need help looking it up, please call 877-977-7576, or we can have someone contact you.