Can I create an account for my assistant?

Last Update: June 23, 2014

RPR users in most partner MLSs can have up to three assistant accounts with the same privileges as the main account-holder. The account uses your assistant's email address as a login and your NAR and MLS credentials to establish the account.

Your assistant's account will have the same permissions as your own account, and is linked to your account, which allows your assistant to search RPR, generate reports and perform any other task on RPR on your behalf. The assistant account is created from My Profile. Look for this section near the bottom of the page:




Follow the link "Create New Assistant User," and then enter the requested information to create the assistant's account:




Please note that an MLS may disallow the creation of assistant accounts by its members. In that situation, the RPR user will not see the option to create an assistant account on the Profile page. The MLS may also choose to assign an Agent ID to assistant users and may require that ID for RPR accounts, which would mean the Agent ID would need to be entered when setting up the assistant's account. 

The primary user will be asked to renew each assistant account annually to ensure accuracy and validity. When the time comes for renewal, the agent who set up the assistant account will receive a message letting them know that the account is needing to be renewed. You can renew your assistant account via a pop-up reminder that you will see, when you log in, as you approach the renewal date. Or you can renew the account from your Profile page. Assistant accounts will be set to expire on the next one-year anniversary date of their creation, starting in 2015.