About listing data

Listing data comes from participating MLS or CIE organizations. RPR receives the listings from a data partner, Black Knight Financial Services (BKFS). Typically, MLS source feeds are updated at least once per day on the servers of the Data Aggregation Group of BKFS, meaning that new listings are available from BKFS within one day of when they are created in an MLS.

The data load counts shown for listings represent the discrete batches imported from MLS listings feeds throughout a day. These can be new listings or changes to existing listings such as price changes, status changes like cancelled, expired and pending, or changes to data fields made by an MLS.

RPR updates listing data from BKFS every four to 24 hours; this interval varies depending on the MLS. This means that it can take up to two days for a new listing to appear on RPR: up to one day for the listing to reach BKFS from the MLS and up to one day for the listing to reach RPR from BKFS.