API Method Inputs

Here are the methods available in the RPR API, and the inputs for each method.

Inputs common to all methods:

  • Username:  This is your RPR API username, provided by your account manager.  It is NOT your RPR website username.
  • Password:  This is the password for your account.

Inputs for GetProperties:

  • Address:  Geographical area, such as:
    • Irvine, CA
    • Irvine, CA 92604
    • 92694
    • Woodbridge in Irvine, CA (this is a neighborhood in Irvine, CA)
  • MinBedrooms:  The minimum number of bedrooms.
  • MinBathrooms:  The minimum number of bathrooms.
  • MinLivingAreaSizeSqFt:  The minimum living area, in sq. ft.
  • MinLotSizeSqFt:  The minimum lot size, in sq. ft.
  • YearBuiltStart:  Year built, starting year.
  • YearBuiltEnd:  Year built, ending year.
  • SoldSinceDate:  YYYY-MM-DD 
  • OwnerName:  The name of the owner, in a format as close to what the county uses in tax records.
  • SortColumn: Sort by any other field in this method.  For example, SoldSince.
  • SortDirection:  The order of the sort column, either descending or ascending.
  • StateCountyFIPS:  This field is reserved for specific use cases, and should not be used unless directed by your RPR API Support representative.

Inputs for GetPropertyDetails and GetPropertyComparables:

  • You can specify a property address by either address or APN:
    • Address:  A full property address, such as 1 Live Oak, Irvine, CA
    • APN:  An official parcel number, such as 451-683-01.  When the parcel number is used, you must also specify the county, city or zip in the Address field.
  • NumberOfComps:  The number of comparable properties to return with the subject property.

The input schema can be seen at http://api.narrpr.com/PropertyAPI.svc?xsd=xsd0.  A current formatted XML snapshot is attached.


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    Rob Overman

    Brett, The input schema link at the bottom of this post is referencing an internal resource. HOST should be "api" not "api-int".