How do I sign up for the RPR Broker AVM Widget?

In order to sign up for the RPR Broker AVM Widget, you must first be set up with RPR Broker Tools.


If you are a Broker already participating in Broker Tools:

  • Visit the webinar calendar on the RPR Blog and register to attend
  • Click on the selection for "RPR's Broker AVM Widget" on the day you wish to attend 
  • Select the blue button to "reserve your spot" 
  • Complete registration form


Broker_webinars.jpg          Broker_webinar2.JPG


  • You MUST attend this webinar to request access to the AVM Widget for your company
  • At the conclusion of the webinar, you will receive instructions on how to proceed


If you are NOT already set up with Broker Tools:

  • Locate the registration form for Broker Tools via the RPR Blog:
  • Once the form is submitted with the required information, you will be contacted by the Broker Tools team
  • Upon completion of the Broker Tools setup, follow the steps listed above


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