How do I search on RPR?

Want to watch a video to learn how to search on RPR? See link at the end of the article.

Start your search from the blue-gray Search bar that you will find atop the website’s homepage and the magnifying glass (Search) icon on any page. This Search bar gives you lots of options for finding a property or properties, searching for neighborhoods, running saved searches, and more. Let’s move from left to right across the Search bar.

The "Saved" drop-down expands to display a link, “My Current Listings,” which controls a search for your own active listings. When you follow the link, you initiate a search for all your active listings. 

Underneath the “My Current Listings” link, the "Saved" drop-down has four more sections that pertain to your previous searching:

  • Properties: Any properties you have searched for and saved previously will appear in this list. Follow the link from the drop-down to go straight to a saved property’s Property Details page. Or, edit the list in the drop-down if you no longer want to save a particular property.
  • Searches: Any searches you have saved previously will appear in this list. Follow the link from the drop-down to run the search again. Or, edit the list in the drop-down if you no longer need a specific search.
  • Custom Areas: Any areas you have saved previously will appear in this list. These are custom locations you defined using the polygon or radius drawing tool on the search map, and then saved as an area rather than a search. Follow the link from the drop-down to show the area again. Or, edit the list in the drop-down if you no longer need a specific area.
  • Market Activity in My Home Areas: This section appears at the bottom of the drop-down, and if you have many saved items in the sections above, you may want to close a section or two (click the name of the section or the black triangle) so you can easily view the whole list. When you run a Market Activity search in your local market, called your Home Area, you are searching for new listings, price reductions, recently sold properties and other activity in that area in the past three months. You can update your Home Area list by clicking the “Edit” link in this section, which allows you to add or change your Home Areas. Or, you can visit the My Profile tab to search and add to your Home Areas or delete Home Areas—you may have up to 10. You can also run a Market Activity search, for any geography and with more control over the time-frame of the search, using the Search bar. We describe that process below.

In any of these four categories, you can click on the "View all" link and the entire list of saved items for that category will be shown on a new page. This will allow you to view the full list and see more details for each item and make any needed changes to the list. Clicking on the star icon to the left of the item will remove it from your favorites.   

If your "Saved" drop-down becomes unwieldy, you can delete or rearrange the searches in the list. Click the blue "Edit" link next to the section of the drop-down you want to modify. Then use the trash-can icon or the arrows to change the number or order of your searches. You can learn more about "Saved" in this article:

To the right of Saved, you can initiate a new search by filling in one of these radio buttons atop the Search bar:

  • All Properties
  • For Sale
  • For Lease
  • Neighborhoods
  • Schools
  • Market Activity

When you select an All Properties or For Sale search, you will fill in a geography to search, as well as any of the parameters shown below the Search bar—Estimate Range / Price Range, Beds or Baths—that you may wish to use to narrow your search. Then press the yellow Search button. If you search by MLS listing ID, you can enter more than one ID. Separate the IDs with a semicolon. RPR supports numeric and alpha numeric MLS Listing IDs.

You can search for properties currently offered for lease (including properties that are for sale or for lease), as well as search expired lease listings. Begin by choosing the For Lease menu in the Search bar. You can also perform Advanced Searches within the For Lease menu, as well as search by monthly lease amount, bedrooms, living area and many other conventional RPR search parameters. 

Or, you can follow the Advanced Search link for more searching options. For more details on advanced searching techniques, and searching using the map, visit these Knowledge Base articles:

When you execute a Neighborhoods search, you can enter a geography and then choose whether you want your results to include that area exclusively, sub-areas within the geography or areas nearby. Use the drop-down below the Search bar to make your selection.

A Schools search allows you to search for schools in an area by either Geography or School District by entering in a city and state or ZIP code. You can filter your search to include elementary, middle or high schools. Searching by geography is geospatial, meaning the search results are based on the proximity of the school to the center of the geography. A School District search is more precise.

With the Market Activity, you can enter any geography to search, not only your Home Areas. And you can control the time-frame covered by the search: the last three months, the last month, the last week or the last three days. Note that you can save a customized search like this if you expect to run it frequently.

If you previously saved a search that you want to execute again, use the "Saved" drop-down to choose the search to run. You’ll find your searches organized by Properties, Searches, Custom Areas and Home Areas. If you haven’t yet saved any searches, the drop-down links to a video on saving searches.

Although RPR can search most any geography, it's smart to limit the size of the area you search. This ensures that you receive accurate results quickly. For instance, a search for All Properties in a county can take quite some time to run if the county is moderately or densely populated. It's better to search by city or ZIP in this case.

If you have more specific search criteria, follow the “Advanced Search” link located to the right of the yellow Search button. Doing so will expand the Search bar to reveal more search options, which vary depending on whether your search is All Properties, For Sale, For Lease or Neighborhoods. A For Sale search, for instance, includes expanded criteria such as price range, square footage, new on the market, property type and much more. Using more precise parameters guarantees you'll get the results you desire. Remember, once you set up a specific search you can save it to run again so you don’t have to repeat this step in the process.

Your results display on a Search Results page for For Sale and All Properties searches and a Neighborhood Details page for a Neighborhoods search. In the left-hand column of the results page, you can filter your search results. You will see information on each parameter in your search and can easily select or deselect criteria to narrow or widen your results. Some of the criteria for For Sale searches include price range, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and size of living area. All Properties searches can be narrowed or widened to include distressed and non-distressed properties, valuation range, sale date and more. You can toggle between a List View and a Map View using the tabs below the Search bar, depending on how you wish to view your results.



Capture your search findings with a quick-print option

Print your Search Results page easily with a new quick-print option. The "print this page" option delivers a print-ready view of all your results, packaged up neatly enough to share with a client. You can also save your results as a PDF for easy reference later.

Note that your print version will include all results of the search (use your filters if you want a smaller print). Future releases will refine the quick-print option, allowing users to select properties to print instead of printing the whole set.

Simply run a search and follow the "print this page" link located in the upper right:




The results are a simple print of the items based on the filter:





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    Thomas Crowe

    How do I delete a saved search?

  • Avatar
    Susan Mortensen

    Hi Thomas!

    If you click on the "Saved" drop down and go to "Edit" for searches it will pop up a list of all your saved activity. Next to the particular search you want to delete, click on the garbage can icon and then "save" and this will delete that for you!

    Thank you for your question and please feel free to let me know if you need anything else! You can also reach our Customer Support Center 24/7 at 1-877-977-7576 if you need further assistance!

    Thank you for using RPR and have a GREAT day!