How do I search for neighborhoods in RPR?

RPR’s neighborhood search option lets agents search for a “neighborhood,” which can be any level of geography including county, city, ZIP code, township, census tract or block group, neighborhood, or subdivision, and review aggregated information and statistics about the area.

Click "Home" or the magnifying glass (Search) icon at the top of any RPR page to search for a neighborhood. Select “Neighborhoods” above the search bar. Select "Exact," "Within" or "Nearby" from the middle drop-down. Then enter a location. Click the yellow Search button and view your results.

An "Exact" search yields one result: the geography you searched. If you search Spokane, WA, you will see aggregated information for the city of Spokane on the Neighborhood Details page. A "Within" search yields geographies within the area you searched. In the Spokane example, you will see Balboa, Comstock and many other neighborhoods in your results. A "Nearby" search will look for areas near the geography you searched, such as Spokane Valley when you search Spokane.



Please note that your search results will depend on what geography level you searched. A "Nearby" search will find all adjacent places of the same geography level that was searched. So, a "Nearby" search for city will return adjacent cities. Remember that not all cities will have other cities directly adjacent to them. A "Within" search for county will find all ZIP codes within that county, and for city will find all neighborhoods within that city.

Also note that cities, counties and ZIP codes display a state name in the search results. For example, a neighborhood shows the neighborhood name and "in (city name)," plus the state.



The different neighborhood search options help users to explore the housing and demographic data available in an area, defined with smaller or larger boundaries as chosen by the user. Try searches using different size geographies and see your results. In addition, the map search functionality is an effective way to search by area, especially if you have a custom area in mind. You can learn more about map searches in this article:

Neighborhood boundaries and data are updated quarterly. RPR partners with Maponics, the leading provider of neighborhood boundary data, to enable searching by neighborhood, and to enable aggregation of property-level and census block group-level data for the Neighborhood Details pages.

If you would like information on how to search for properties within a neighborhood, please see our article "How do I search for properties in a neighborhood or subdivision?" here:


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    Seems that at least for our area we can only search zip cos as the smallest part of town and not subdivisions which is disappointing

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    Susan Mortensen

    Hi Susanna!

    RPR partners with Maponics, the leading provider of neighborhood boundary data, to enable searching by neighborhood, including some subdivisions. Maponics does not yet have full nationwide coverage, but tens of thousands of new neighborhoods are being added every quarter to continually improve the robustness of this search feature. 

    Additionally, RPR is integrating neighborhood names from MLS listing data into searches of properties for sale. Agents affiliated with MLS organizations that provide this information will be able to search by the same neighborhood names available in their MLS system.

    In short, we do not have complete coverage for all subdivisions nationally due to a limitation of data provided to us. If you would like further assistance with this, please do not hesitate to call our Help Desk at 1-877-977-7576 and we would be more than happy to answer any other questions regarding this or offer other search options to narrow your results. 

    Thank you for your feedback and for using RPR!


    RPR Help Desk