Can I search using the name of a property owner?

You can search for properties by owner or company name. First, enter the county, city and state, or ZIP code of the property in the Search bar. Search for "All Properties," not only properties for sale. Then, open the Advanced Search form and enter the owner’s last name or the owner’s company name in the "search for an owner" field.

Entering variations on the owner’s name can help improve your search results. The owner name search looks for matches with any term you enter. Owner names can include middle initials, full middle names, trust names, initials and titles. In addition, names are supplied from public records in many different formats, so the owner name search is designed to cast a wider net and allow you to review the results to find the property of interest.

You can also filter your search results using a property owner's name. Enter (at minimum) the last name of the owner in the "Filter by Owner" field in the left-hand column on the Search Results page. Then click the "Apply" button.


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