How do I use the advanced search options?

If you have very specific search criteria, try using the Advanced Search option. Follow the “Advanced” link to the right of the yellow Search button. Doing so will expand the Search bar to reveal more search options, which vary depending on whether your search is All Properties, For Sale or Neighborhoods.

Click here to watch a video on Advanced Search. 



An Advanced Search of For Sale properties can be helpful if, for example, you are looking for Pending sales of a certain property status (like a short sale) in an area. You can search using expanded criteria such as whether a listing is Active or Pending, is distressed or non-distressed, is in a specific price range, has a certain number of beds or baths, by square footage, newness on the market, by property type such as condo or single family, year built and more.

You can also refine your For Sale searches by using the Keyword Search feature. Keywords search will also search neighborhood, address zone, (zoning), address area (MLS area), exterior style, exterior water features, listing subtype and MLS subtype.

To learn more about how to search for a property using keywords, read this article:

Our RVM® to List Price Ratio feature allows you to search for listed properties that are priced above or below their estimated value.  For instance, if you would like to see properties that have an RVM® that is 10% to 20% higher than the list price, you would select 110%-120% from the RVM® to List Price Ratio drop-down menu.  




An Advanced Search of All Properties can be useful when you are trying to search an area by the name of a property owner rather than an address. You can also search using a property's APN number, search for properties sold within a specific timeframe or built within a specific timeframe, by living space or lot size, and more.

Our Sold to List Price Ratio feature allows you to search for properties that sold above or below the list price.  For example, if you would like to see properties that sold 10% to 20% below the list price, you would choose 80% to 90% from the Sold to List Price Ratio drop-down menu. 




An Advanced Search of Neighborhoods allows you to refine a search for neighborhoods by median estimated home value or 12-month change in estimated value. Remember to use the "type" dropdown to choose Exact, Within or Nearby. Let's say you wanted to locate neighborhoods near a San Jose, CA, ZIP code where the median home value does not exceed $500,000. You would use the search terms shown below. If you wanted to find neighborhoods within San Jose below $500,000, you would not use the ZIP code in the search field and you would choose Within from the dropdown.



Using more precise parameters guarantees you'll get the results you desire. Remember, once you set up a specific search you can save it to run again so you don’t have to repeat this step in the process if you expect to use the search again.

A "Clear Selections" link to the left of the Search button allows you to easily start over if you want to begin fresh.