What is an APN number?

An Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) is a unique number that is assigned to each tract of land in a county by the Tax Assessor.



You can search for a property in RPR using the APN. First, enter the geography in the Search bar and select an All Properties search. Then, open the Advanced Search form below the Search bar and enter the APN number in the appropriate field. You must preserve hyphens or spaces when entering the APN number. For instance, enter 159-25-113, or 159 25 113, instead of 15925113. (The presentation of APN numbers varies by region.) Then click the "Search" button.



The term APN is not used universally. Other terms, used in various regions, include:

  • Parcel ID
  • PID
  • Tax ID
  • Sidwell
  • TID
  • Parcel Control Number
  • PCN
  • Key Number
  • Folio Number
  • TMS #
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