Can I search for properties with a certain number of bedrooms?

Yes, you can search properties by the number of bedrooms. There are two ways to do this.

You can search using an address, city, state or ZIP code and then filter the search results in the left-hand column on the Search Results page. You can choose the minimum number of bedrooms you want to see returned in a search, for example, properties with two or more bedrooms. Then click the blue Apply button. Your search results will be narrowed to those properties that match the number of bedrooms you selected.

When you initiate a search, you can specify the number of bedrooms in the field below the Search bar. Select the minimum number of bedrooms you want to see returned in a search. Your search results will be customized accordingly.


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    Sheri Funk

    I find selecting a "minimum" number of bedrooms is not helpful in a search.  I usually need to restrict the number of bedrooms to pull up usable comps on properties i.e. a range would be better OR maximum number of bedrooms.

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    Janine Sieja - Product Mgt

    Sheri, we have a new comps search function coming soon that will allow you to bracket your bedroom search as you describe. And also remember that when you use the regular search, even if you have to start with a "minimum" number of bedrooms, you can sort the results by the number of bedrooms, which should help isolate the range that interests you.

    Please look for our next release announcement for information about using the comps search.