How do I save my search?

To save any search you have executed, use the blue "Save" link near the top right of the Search Results page. Your saved search will include any filters you have added to the search results, such as showing only distressed properties. When you press the button, the field with the name of the search will become active, so that you can name your search anything you wish. Give your search a descriptive name—“Distressed properties near downtown” is an example—so you can find it again even if you save a lot of searches.



You can run this search again using the Favorites drop-down next to the Search bar. All of your saved Searches, Custom Areas and Market Activity in My Home Areas will be shown as links in this drop-down. When you work with a saved search, you can further modify it and choose the "Save Changes" option to preserve your new search settings.

Or, if you frequently use the same area—like a subdivision or a neighborhood—for your searches, you can save that area for subsequent visits using the polygon and radius search tools. When you draw a search with either of these tools, you will see the option to save your search before you run it, again giving it your own name. You can return to this custom area again and again. If you wish, you can layer different search parameters onto it each time you access the search.