What will I find on the Property Details page?

The Property Details page contains a wealth of information about a subject property and its history. The page spotlights the property’s estimated value (or listing price if it’s for sale), trends in its value and public records information. The page also includes a map that can be enlarged to view the area surrounding the property, or shaded with a heat-map overlay to see, for instance, the estimated home value per square foot in the neighborhood.  You will also discover information about the energy consumption for the subject property.

There are six tabs on the Property Details page:

1) The Summary tab displays photos, a map, and basic facts about a property. These basic facts ("Home Facts"), such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, can be updated by the user for his or her usage. This tab also shows a wealth of information about the property that may include:

  • AVM or RVM® estimated value and a score showing how reliable that estimate might be
  • A legal description
  • Details about the listing
  • Any price changes (if the property is for sale)
  • Interior, exterior and room details
  • School information
  • Energy consumption data
  • Mortgage information
  • Distressed property information (if relevant)

If historical photos or listing information are available, it is linked from this tab. Next to the title of each section of data is displayed an annotation revealing where the data for that section was obtained from. This could be listing data, public records, or both. Also, if the property has multiple units, you will be able to see the unit details for each unit listed directly below the "Home Facts."

2) The History tab has a sales history chart showing key events in a property's history, such as sales and mortgages. Another section on this tab summarizes prior sales transactions. Sales data can be viewed from MLS or public records sources when both are available, using a toggle control on the page. Tax assessment information is also found here.

3) The Charts tab shows charts that compare the property to others in its local market and depict local market conditions such as the median sales price vs. sales volume and the listing inventory. A hyperlink from each chart (“About this Data”) provides context for the chart.

4) The Comp Analysis tab leverages RPR’s vast property database to help users search for and report on comps and competitive listings. A step-by-step wizard walks users through the process to validate basic facts about a subject property, select comps and adjust those comps to yield a customized and flexible Comp Analysis Result, which appears on the Property Details page as well as any reports you generate.

5) The Refined Value tab lets users adjust the RVM® or AVM estimated valuation using their personal knowledge about a property’s basic facts, home improvements and/or local market and property conditions. Please note that in some areas RVMs or AVMs are not currently available, and therefore no comps will be shown for those homes.

6) The Neighborhood tab shows charts and information on the area, including the area's Median Estimated Home Value, Housing Facts and Stats, People Facts and Stats, Economic Stats and Facts, and Quality of Life Facts and Stats.