Can I add listing photos to a property or a report?

If the property is your listing, yes, you can add photos to a property that will appear on the Property Details page and the Property or Sellers reports. The photos of a property are drawn directly from the property’s MLS listing. Add photos to the MLS listing for a property and in turn you will see more photos with the RPR listing for the property. Updates happen daily. Consult your local MLS for any limitation on the number of photos you can have on each listing.

If the property is your listing, you can also remove photos in the same way: Delete them from the MLS record, which will then be updated in RPR.

If the property is not your listing, or the property is not currently listed, you cannot add or change the photos that are visible on the Property Details page or in reports.

If you would just like to add photos for an unlisted property or use a different photo than the one available for the cover page of a report, please see our article on how to upload your own photos to the Property Notes here:

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