Can I upload my own photos for a property to RPR?

Uploading photos to the RPR record of a property allows you to customize report covers for your clients or to easily collect your own photos taken of a property—helpful, for instance, if you are trying to value or document a property.

On the Summary tab of the Property Details page, scroll down to Property Notes, where you will see three links: Add a Note, Upload Photos and Seller's Proceeds.




Clicking on Upload Photos will open a window for you to browse on your computer for the photos you want to upload. Once you select the photos and the upload is complete, your photos will appear in the Property Notes section. 




Clicking on the Edit link on the right-hand side opens a few options, including choosing a cover page photo and adding or deleting photos from the grouping. If you choose to delete a photo, select a new cover page photo or make any other change.


To include the photo(s) with your report, check the box Use for report covers.




After you check the appropriate box from above, you will now have access to a Save link.  Make sure to save all changes before exiting.

Keep in mind you can only display ONE photo on the cover page, and the rest of the photos appear at the end of the report in the notes section along with your name and the date they were added. Deselecting the photos from display reverts to the system's default photo for your report covers.


Upload_photos_9.JPG     Upload_photos_10.JPG




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