Can I upload my own property photos? Can I use one as the report cover photo?

You can upload a photo(s) to use on your report cover pages and/or include in your reports.  Go to the Property Details page of the property, then scroll down to the Property Notes section and click the Upload Photos button.   A window will open that will you allow you to choose and upload photo(s) from your computer files.  Uploaded photos will appear on the last page of your reports and can be used on report cover pages by completing the steps outlined below.

Follow these steps to use an uploaded photo on your report cover pages:

  • Click Upload Photos button and upload a photo from your files
  • Click the word Edit 
  • Select the circle next to Use for report covers
  • Click Save









For Mobile Users

  • On the RPR property details page, tap Notes
  • Next tap Add a Photo
  • You’ll have two choices: Take a Photo, or Select from Album.
  • If you would like to use a photo on your report cover page, choose Edit
    • Tap on the Report Cover option
    • Lastly, choose Update to save












Once you generate your report, the photo you selected will appear on the cover page of the report and the remaining photos from that group will appear at the end of the report in the Notes section. 



If you would like to document aspects of a home (e.g. property damage or before/after photos) but do not want those photos to be published in a report, upload those photos, then uncheck the box next to Include in reports.   Please note that you cannot pick and choose which photos in a grouping are included in the report, you can only exclude the entire set.