What are "Walkability" scores and how can I use this data?

"Walkability" is a measure of how accessible an area is for pedestrians, measuring the presence of "points of interest" and other factors. A "Walkability score" is a set of three ratings generated by an algorithm that considers factors such as street type, intersection complexity, existence of POIs (points of interest) like restaurants or parks, population density, freeways and bodies of water. Scores range from 0-5 and these scores are provided by Maponics, an RPR data partner.

Walkability data is a great resource for properties in urban or suburban areas. Many home buyers are looking for more information about neighborhood amenities and whether they are in walking distance. This information will better assist buyers in answering those questions, especially if they are comparing more than one neighborhood in their housing search. 

The set of three Walkability scores is displayed in two places on the website: the Property Details page, which shows the scores for the immediate area around a property, and the Neighborhood Details page, which shows scores for the area as a whole—a defined neighborhood where available, and the ZIP code when a neighborhood is not defined. On the Property Details page, the scores can be found in the "Location Details" section as shown below.




On the Neighborhood Details page, they can be found on the "Quality of Life" tab, at the bottom of the page. 




The display includes all three Walkability scores:

  • Overall score: reflects the length of time and distance to walk to general POIs and the availability of POIs within the area.
  • Amenities score: reflects the walkability to POIs such as retail locations and salons.
  • Leisure score: reflects the walkability to POIs such as restaurants and parks.

The higher the score, the greater the accessibility to points of interest in the area when walking. Other factors could increase or decrease these scores such as street types, vehicle speed limits, street crossings, weather, public transportation and population density. A score of zero simply means that there was not enough data to calculate a score. If a property or area doesn't display a score, there was no data at all. (Note that the Overall score is not an average of the Amenities and Leisure scores.)


On the RPR Mobile™ app, these scores can also be found under the "Location/Details" section as shown below for both iOS and Android.


Walk Droid 2.jpg          Walk ios2.jpg


These scores will appear in the following reports in the "Location Details" data: 

  • Property
  • Mini Property
  • Seller's
  • Neighborhood




In addition to Walkability scores, Maponics provides boundaries for the neighborhoods and other geographies that RPR displays. Maponics is continually working on defining and adding new neighborhoods and subdivisions. 

**Walkability Score is a separate rating from Walk Score™, which also provides walkability data and services.