What types of neighborhood data will I find on RPR?

The neighborhood data displayed on the Neighborhood Details pages in RPR and in reports encompasses housing data, demographic information, economic facts and statistics, and quality of life data:

  • Housing data, such as median estimated home value, median list price, median sales price, listing volume, sales volume and sales counts
  • People data, such as residents’ average income and age, as well as their occupations, educational level and voting trends
  • Economy data, such as job growth and cost of living
  • Quality of life data, such as climate and commute information



The neighborhood data integrated in RPR goes far beyond typical real estate information and can be used in evaluating a target neighborhood and searching for the right area for your clients, too. You can get a feel for the trends in a particular neighborhood by examining the data and charts presented on the Neighborhood Details pages.

Start by reviewing trends in home valuation and selling price by looking at the charts shown in the Summary tab of the Neighborhood page. You can open the “About this Data” link to help you interpret the information that is presented here. Then you can move to other tabs to review additional information. The Housing tab and the Economy tab present the most charts that will help you identify trends in a neighborhood. The Economy tab, for example, displays unemployment rates and building permits data.

When you're done, run a report on the neighborhood, which compiles the information from the Neighborhood Details page, by navigating to the Reports tab and choosing the Neighborhood Report. The report makes it easy to share what you've learned with a client.