What will I find on the School Details page and where does education data come from?

Schools and education data appear in two places on RPR: the School Details page and the People tab of the Neighborhood Details page.

School Details pages show general information and ratings for public, private and charter schools, provided by RPR partner GreatSchools (http://www.greatschools.org), the country’s leading source of information on school performance.

A School Details page is accessed from a school search, a neighborhood search or a property search. When searching a neighborhood, look for the “Schools Nearby” link in the sidebar of a Neighborhood Details page. Or, from a Property Details page (for a listing or a public record), look for the same “Schools Nearby” link in the sidebar below the neighborhood information.


The Summary tab of the School page gives basic information such as the school’s address, grades served and enrollment. This page also shows the school’s GreatSchools rating, with a maximum of 10 stars, as well as the average rating for schools in the area, and information about standardized test scores. You can link to active listings associated with the school, too.

The Reviews tab displays parent reviews for the school, from most recent to oldest. These reviews are provided by GreatSchools. The average review rating and total number of reviews are shown. 

GreatSchools tries to update all data at least once a year in every state, using the most recent available information from either the state Department of Education or the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). GreatSchools Ratings are based on the most recent available standardized test results for schools in each state. GreatSchools Reviews are updated as new reviews are submitted. RPR receives GreatSchools data via a feed that refreshes whenever GreatSchools updates its data.

If you have more questions about GreatSchools and its schools ratings, please visit the GreatSchools FAQ page: http://www.greatschools.org/about/gsFaq.page?state=CA#faq-rightschool

The People tab of the Neighborhood Details page summarizes the educational attainment of residents of a neighborhood. The data shown here comes from the U.S. Census.



The percentages shown reflect the highest educational achievement of an area's residents. In the chart above, 14.6% of the residents of ZIP code 91367 have a high school diploma, while 33.5% have a high school diploma and college degree.

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