What are school attendance zones?

School attendance zones outline where children in a particular neighborhood will attend public elementary and middle school, junior high or senior high. 

You can activate school attendance zones in a map search and search for properties within a particular school zone. Use the "Search" option at the top of the map, choose K-5, 6-8, or 9-12 school attendance zones from the drop-down and click on the zone you wish to search. You can simply search or save the search to use again. You can also use the school boundaries during comp searches.




Please note that school attendance zone boundaries may overlap in the case of elementary school districts and secondary school districts that cover the same geographic region, which may affect visual display of the data.

School districts, also available as a map overlay, outline an entire district of public elementary, middle and high schools. Depending upon the specific school, an attendance zone boundary may or may not be present and in some cases will be the same boundary as the school district. Magnet, charter or alternative schools typically will not have a school attendance zone, as they often draw students from the entire district and beyond.

In two cases, school attendance zones are the same as school district boundaries:

  1. Locations where parents can apply for any school in the district; thus, the school attendance zone covers the entire district.
  2. Districts with only one school in the education level; for example, if the district has one high school, the attendance zone for the high school is the district boundary.

In addition, there can be more than one school attendance zone per school. For instance, a single school may include both primary and middle grades. If a school has grades 5-7, for example, it may be shown in primary and middle school boundary selections.

RPR has more than 94 percent coverage of the U.S. student enrollment for school boundary data.