Can I correct the information about a school if I find an error?

You can submit a request for school information to be corrected by RPR partner GreatSchools ( GreatSchools, the country’s leading source of information on school performance, provides the schools data--including general information and ratings for public, private and charter schools--shown on the School Details pages.

Users can submit errors at page by selecting "Incorrect or missing school/district information" from the first dropdown. In the next dropdown, "Provide more detail about your feedback," choose the option that applies. Depending on your selection, you will be asked specific questions to provide GreatSchools the necessary information to make a correction. You will also be instructed of steps to take to ensure that a manual correction at GreatSchools isn't overwritten by your state's Department of Education (GreatSchools source) in the future.

By correcting the data at the source, you can ensure accuracy for everyone using RPR.

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