How is a property’s status displayed on maps? What do the colors mean?

You can tell the status of a property by the color of its map pin, which is the small house icon shown on the RPR maps. You can see at a glance whether a property is for sale, recently sold or distressed, pending sale, or even recently leased. The property type is also identified. There are different shaped icons for single-family homes, multi-family homes, condos and townhouses, mobile homes, land, farms, co-ops, and mobile homes, and a legend shown below the map gives examples of each icon shown on that particular map.

Here is what the color coding of the map pins represents:

  • Gray map pins denote properties for which public records and data are displayed on RPR.
  • Blue map pins indicate properties that are active listings. "New, Active" and "Relisted, Active" listings retain this special status for 14 days, and then are simply "Active."
  • A dark blue map pin indicates that a sale is pending for a property.
  • A yellow map pin marks the property you are reviewing: the subject property.
  • Red map pins are used for distressed properties. These properties may be For Sale or Off Market. The properties may be labeled Pre-foreclosure, or they may be for sale and have Foreclosure or Notice of Default status.
  • A maroon map pin indicates a pending sale for a distressed property.
  • Green map pins highlight recently sold and recently leased properties.
  • Lavender map pins show properties that are for lease. Properties that are both for sale and for lease are blue and lavender.