Can I correct a map pin or property boundary that is located in the wrong place?

Where possible, RPR places map pins in a property's exact location using parcel boundary and point data. Parcel data required for such placement is not available on a nationwide level, however, so in areas where parcel data is not available, map pin locations are established by cross referencing the property's address with underlying street centerline data to approximate the property's location as closely as possible. This can result in the clustering or overlaying of map pins.

RPR gives you the ability to pinpoint a property's specific location on the map for cases where we don't quite get it right. Here are the steps to move a map pin:

1. From the Property Details page, in the larger or small version of the map, click the property's map pin (the icon that appears on the map). This will open the map pin pop-up. Then click the "Move pin" link. The selected map pin becomes highlighted, and a "Drag to new location" message appears.

2. Move the map pin to the correct location and click OK. Note that you can still navigate the map by zooming in and out, and by clicking and dragging outside the map pin.


3. Once you've moved a map pin, a "Moved Pin" message appears on that map pin's pop-up. Beneath this message are "Edit" and "Reset" links, allowing you to move the pin again, or reset it to its initial location.

Any changes that you make are exclusively for your own use and will not be visible to or affect any other user on the site. Moved map pins will appear in their revised locations on Property Details pages and in Reports, but they will not appear on Search Results pages due to search indexing limitations.

You cannot, however, modify a boundary line on a map. A property’s boundaries may not line up correctly if the map source contains a geocoding error. RPR uses a variety of sources to provide geocoding for properties, and on occasion the geocoding is incorrect. This is especially true in the case of new developments and rural areas. RPR reports errors to its providers, but such errors can take time to be corrected.


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    Mary Charles Flowers

    Now that I have move the pin to show the correct property - How do we get the correct value to show?

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    Susan Mortensen

    Hi Mary!

    We would love to assist you with this but we would need more information to better address the issue. If you could call our Help Desk at your earliest convenience, our agents would be able to help you with this. They are available 24/7 at 1-877-977-7576.  

    Thank you for using RPR!!