How does the drive time search work?

The drive time search feature works with the search map. After you conduct an All Properties or For Sale search for properties, go to the Map View of the Search Results. Then choose the Drive Time button from the Map Tools above the map.

 There are two options for initiating the drive time search:

  • Enter a complete street address in the field that appears below the tool bar, then press the red Search button.
  • Click a location on the map, which drops a pin to form the center of the drive time search. The pin can be moved after it is placed.

The drive time search tool provides the following example:



You can customize drive-time searches by the day of the week, time of day, how you plan to travel; car or walk, and of course the length of the journey.

Once the search is executed, the results are displayed as follows:



The drive time search is helpful when a home buyer has a preferred commute distance, or when a buyer wants to understand what is within walking distance from a property.

Street network data and approximate driving times are provided by ESRI, an RPR data partner. The driving and walk times are approximations.


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