What is displayed on the dashboard Summary tab?

Welcome to the MLS and Association Dashboard. Here, as an authorized user, you will be able to view user stats, market data and data feed information, as well as stay on top of the latest news and training offered by RPR. The dashboard is designed for staff members of MLSs and local and state associations to help better serve their membership.

This article will help with getting started and explain the layout of the tool itself.

Once logged in to RPR, you will see the “Advanced Data Tools” link at the top of the page:



After clicking this link, you will then see the option to select either MLS or Association. This will open up the appropriate dashboard for you.


At the top, there are five tabs: Summary, Market Data, User Stats, Data Feeds/Sharing, and News & Training. The tabs visible to MLS and local association users are the same; the state associations will see the Summary, Market Data and News & Training tabs exclusively. In addition, the state associations will need to obtain permission from the MLSs in order to view their data within this dashboard.

The Summary tab will give you a basic snapshot of what is to come in the corresponding tabs.

  • RPR Site Usage: a simple breakdown showing the key metrics of the MLS or Association membership for the past week.
  • Market Data: a simple graph showing data compared to previous year data for listing and sales counts. A dropdown gives the user seven different options of data to view.
  • Data Feeds: a quick shot of the basic feeds received by RPR, which shows the last date of update and the status if completed. If the user were to click on “More Data Feeds” this would take them to the Data Feeds/Sharing tab where they can view the more in depth data. This is the same for “More Site Stats” and “More Market Data.”
  • News/Training: a glance at upcoming RPR training within the user’s region. If the user clicks on “View Calendar” they will be directed to the blog where they can view the training calendar of all training, including upcoming webinars.

 Also located at the bottom of the Summary tab is the “Latest RPR Release” which will show the current version of the site as well as the date it was released and the introduction to the elements included in the release. By clicking on “More on the Blog” you will be directed to the RPR blog, where you can view the full article of the release notes. “News from the RPR Blog” will show the introduction to the latest blog posting and allow you to click on “More on the Blog” to be directed to the blog site to view the full blog posting. The “More News” link will take you to the Blog to view ALL blog postings.

The final area of the Summary tab is the “RPR Contact Info.” Here you can see who your RPR Market Manager is as well as links to reach your Market Manager or Customer Support.